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Would you like it if the games were to make mentions/references speaking about characters from other Nintendo titles? Like say your mother or someone said "your journey was just like Link's in that it was strong" (let's just pretend I have knowledge of that lool) etc, something along those lines, and made references to them as the world they're in is the reality and everyone else is in video game world. Or if they made mention to other Nintendo games a lot, in order to boost sales? Do you think this is possible, or would you like if they kept it just the Pokemon reality? Keep in mind that in recent games wii's, and so on have been found in your room so the idea of mentioning other characters such as Bowser being similar to a Pokemon or something isn't exactly totally unlikely.

Would you like to see that in these games, given that the region is most likely far away from the locations that a lot of Nintendo games are set in so it wouldn't seem as strange if they referenced other "worlds" as in other countries. There's also the fact that now they are on 3DS and you can actually buy stuff on eshop related to other games, subliminally advertising other titles in this way could be of use, which couldn't be done in previous games, seeing as they weren't specifically on 3DS and buying them involved physically going to the shops whereas now you can just check the 3DS itself. As well as this, with the recent Nintendo Direct conference (of January 8th) being able to be found on the 3DS, chances are other Nintendo Direct conferences are on there and people could easily find out about the characters/games that the games are referencing easily, right in their hands, without needing external "searching" (and the fact that trailers are there too). This could actually be a really positive way for Nintendo to advertise their other titles now really.

What are your thoughts?

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