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    Hey guys,

    First time post here, so please be kind.

    My kids and I just started to play Pokémon; we went to a local tourney with the cards we had. I made a water/darkness deck with as many good supporters as I could, 18 energy, and Pokemon based around Empoleon and Zoroark.

    We got creamed :-)

    Everyone was playing Psy Ex decks, with a couple of Blastoise/KeldeoEX decks.

    Me being the contrarian, I'd like to build a deck with the following characteristics:
    - cheap :-)
    - as few EX as possible
    - has a chance of winning some games (being 9 yo and not even being able to KO one of your opponent's Pokemons sucks).

    Since we also had some good Psy cards, I decided to try and build a Psy/Water deck with Zoroark, Umbreon (against those decks with lots of energy cards attached to the single monster Pokemon), Gothitelle (Doom Decree) and Drifblim (for all these guys running double energy and special energy cards).

    The problem is that I am relying too much on flipping coins...

    Any other ideas? Go green? Or electric?

    Thank you for your suggestions!
    V., Poké-n00b
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