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    Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

    Julyanne adjusted her cap, clearing her throat to speak. Who knew talking like a boy is so tiring? "So, you want to save the city then? Are you prepared to pay for the cost? It's not only our life that we are risking here."

    She turned back to look at the door where her sister quickly hid behind when she noticed that Julyanne saw her eavesdropping. "If we fail, the organization will not only grow stronger, none will longer stand against them when we are gone. Let's say we succeed, we beat them back. The organization will know our faces, will be more prepared, and the next time we face them we'll be in their hands. No matter what happens, going there will be a win-win situation for them."

    Julyanne took a breath, glancing down at a Chansey handing her Cleffa's Pokeball. Thanking the nurse, she resumed her speech.

    "These people are smart, when they see a threat, they will retaliate. We must be a step above them and prepare fighting as a group. We aren't vigilantes, we are an officially recognized group assigned to keep the criminals at bay, but that is only possible if we don't die." She accidentally raised her voice at the last word, silencing and attracting the attention of the passers-by.

    What she said actually weighed heavily in her chest, these things are taught to her back at home, to look at the big picture. Minimalizing causalities in the end for abandoning a city. Ends doesn't justify the means, but it is the most logical solution.

    She tried to regain her composure, but failing as it seems to even be obvious to her little sister, who was tugging at her pant leg.

    "Look, think of this as Poker." Julyanne knelt and and carried her sister. "We fold now, we get a better chance some other time. Call all our chips, we can lose everything. When we win..."

    She stood, staring at the boys with a frosty glare that made several nobles back down. "They will know our hand."