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    Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
    Vars 0x4000 and 0x4001 are temporary ones that reset their value to 0 after the player leaves the map. They're used in scripts with the "compare" command to get the player's location.

    I think Fly locations go in order, with 0 and 1 being Littleroot, 2 being Oldale, 3 being Petalburg, etc.

    Also editing any part of any Secret Base tileset changes all of them, for some reason. I guess they share all the same blocks/tiles but just palette swap. Kinda useful info.

    Good luck with this, you still got lots to do :I
    Thanks! Yup, yup, this is a big project. I think I finished all of the item-balls though!

    Were you editing tileset #1 (oops, I missed "57 - Secret bases (items and decor)"), or #2 (ie: 32 = Stoney Secret Base)

    Added those vars.
    Ahh variables... that'll be fun to work on hehe.

    I'll probably tackle the berries next. (done)
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