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Services I offer

The rules for this seciton are very simple, don't ask for things I don't
offer and don't PM/VM me unless we've set something up already.
Scroll down in the box below for a full list of services I provide. In
addition, all these services are completely free.

List of Services:

1) I can hack check for people who cannot. Situations that fall into this category: When your ISP blocks Pokecheck, when you do not trust Pokecheck with your cartridge for any reason, when you are are trying to hackcheck a Pokemon that is blocked by the GTS because of its name or its ribbons. If you have some other reason, you can pitch it to me when you ask for help and I will consider it depending on what you say.
For anyone who does not fit the above critria and does not have any other reason
other than you are lazy, please go to TC's guide for self hackchecking here. If you need any help regarding this, feel free to contanct me by PM.

2) I can check for your save files Secret ID should you need it for any reason. All you have to do is trade me a Pokemon caught or bred from the save file you want
me to check.

3) I can do Pokedex filler tradebacks. Please limit it to six different Pokemon a week. Should you choose to ignore this, I will no longer offer this service to you.
If enough people do not follow that rule, I will remove this service altogether.

4) I can check the EVs and/or IVs of your Pokemon for you if you cannot do it yourself. All you have to do is trade it to me and I can check it within a few minutes
or so.

5) I offer Rare Candy leveling, at the moment I will be limiting this to one Pokemon per person per week.

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