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    I would approve if we weren't just randomly forced into catching the title legendary. Like a lot of others here have said, Emerald was pretty damned brilliant when it came to dealing with the legends. I remember getting totally frustrated when my little 7-year-old hands would simply not react fast enough to get across those damned falling tiles. Then that idiot Rayquaza spammed rest and I felt like such a boss when I caught it. Catching the Regi's was also a challenge. Even trying to track down the Lati you chose was difficult but rewarding, especially since you had to Pokedex it every five seconds - but you still felt like a boss when you caught them. I haven't played b/w2 so I can't comment on that, but I was kinda irritated when they forced me to catch Reshiram - i didn't go there with the purpose of catching some faffy dragon, I went there to win the elite 4 ;w;. D/P/Pt was also a little bit irritating, Platinum was better because you had the crazy distortion world to navigate. But they just overused Roamers.

    I would like to see a title legendary you have to seek out, that is available before the Elite 4 at an actually acceptable legendary level. Like, level 70 or something. Of course, that would require a longer storyline (which i would not object to). But yeah, I want to have to solve puzzles and navigate places just to find the damn thing. I don't want it to be presented to me, I want to have to find it. Legendaries shouldn't really give a stuff about lowly humans unless to the world is imbalanced or something. Let me explore some crazy-hard to get to environment, to finally get to find this legendary. Let me explore ocean depths, and sky-high mountains, untamed jungles/forests to seek out a chance to capture them. Then give them an insanely-low capture rate so I can sleep 'em, fasle-swipe 'em, then rage when they use rest or something. That is the true victory of capturing those danged legendaries.

    /woah what a rant
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