Thread: B2/W2: Who was your MVP?
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So we all have that one Pokemon that carries the load for the team in multiple battles. I want to know, who was your Champion MVP? Like, who was the main Pokemon that took on the champion during your playthrough of BW2? Why were they so good in that battle (what moves did it know that mainly defeated her)?

For me, in Black 2, Weavile was my MVP since she single-handedly took on Hydreigon, Druddigon, Haxorus, and Archeops with Ice Punch.

In White 2, I'd have to say my MVP was Jellicent who took hits like a man and dished out some serious hurt, although he couldn't do anything to Lapras. He had Shadow Ball and Hydro Pump which helped taking out Aggron, Archeops, and even Haxorus whom my Emboar fell to quickly.

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