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    DeSean fidgeted around in his pockets for something to put around Patrat for identification. After nothing in his pockets he ripped a patch off his jeans and put around Patrats head like a bandana. The two opposing Patrat's were flug on thier backs by the Snivy trainer. Despearatly thinking for the next course of action, DeSean was observing the battlefield for possible moves. The opposing Lillipup was about to launch itself at his Patrat.

    What to do now? Thought DeSean. It was then that he got an idea. Patrats speed and the forested area around them could be his advantage.

    "Patrat take to trees now!" He commanded.

    The little rat scurrried over behind a thick oak tree just in time. The Lillipup had gained to much speed and chrashed into the tree. The next thing he observed was that the trees were very tall perfect for a rat to climb and lethal if one fell.

    "Alright Patrat climb to top of the tree with that Lillipup while it is dazed and smash him to the ground!"

    Patrat did just that at the top of the tree Patrat tackled the Lillipup to the ground. The force of his strong elbow on Lillipup's head was alot for it but when Lillipup was smashed Patrat took a little damage but not to much seeing as Lillipup cousened the fall. That was one down and four to go.
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