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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Honestly I have the same comment for every single one of the videos you posted (other than the Lavender one because I'm too afraid to listen to that :D); they sound soo much better than the originals. You've brought them up to the quality of being individual songs and that's an impressive feat for something like the background music of a route in Pokémon paha. What I would like to see though is something original from you - the way you've created these pieces has made them sound spectacular so I'm really interested to see what you can do when creating an original piece. If that's not your style or doesn't appeal to you then so be it, but I think it'd definitely be worth trying if you haven't already. Also I'm curious, what did you use to make these? I didn't recognise some of the effects :3
    Thanks! I'm glad you like them .

    Here's an original song done by me a while ago. I didn't mix it very well since, at the time, I just started messing with more high-end audio editors, and I didn't have any real EQ plugins to help.


    I haven't got the motivation or inspiration yet to finish any other originals. I would like to, though! I would also like more tools... especially a better guitar plugin lol.

    BTW, the program I use for laying out the MIDI tracks is an oldie called Cakewalk Pro 8... then I import the MIDI into Sony Acid Music Studio (for my more realistic sounding songs). I then use a VST program called native instruments komplete 7 and sometimes EWQL (but I lost EWQL recently since my hard drive crash, blahh ) for the individual instruments. For the final mixing and mastering, I use Izotope 4. For the route 3/4/22 theme, I used the same instruments you hear in the Pokemon Black and White games, (a MIDI soundfont), which I just edit it through cakewalk while having the soundfont loaded up through a program called BASSMIDI Driver.

    That's pretty much my whole set XD.