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    There are two major inconsistencies with some of the games. First and foremost. R/S/E all happen at the same time. They aren't at different times, but each set R/S and E have different champions. This is a huge error with many view points on the time line. We cannot use any proof revolving around the Champions as there are two different universes in Generation 3 alone.

    Second major issue, PWT. It is NOT canon in any way , shape or form. They bring Giovanni back as a Gym Leader for Kanto and Blue as Kanto's Champion. Blue is no longer the Champion and Giovanni is no longer a Gym leader.

    Same is said for Red being Kanto Champion and Wallace and Steven both appearing in the Champion cycle as well.

    As far as how they can be linked, as stated before in the other threads where this came up, both Bill and Lanette have made references to working with one another and Bill and Celio both said that they were working with Lanette to create a Link to Hoenn in FR/LG.

    The original Email sent to Lanette said that Bill and Lanette created the storage unit together, to which Lanette upgraded her regions and later Kanto's due to link up. Bebe designed her version of the Storage unit well after Lanette and Bill so Sinnoh didn't have a storage unit for trainers until after the events of Gens 1 and 3.

    The bit with Team Plasma in regards to other teams. This is all opinion based. Magma/Aqua aren't note worthy at all. They didn't have world domination goals like Rocket, Plasma, or Galactic had. They weren't trafficing people and Pokemon for their own personal goals go the level that Rocket, Plasma, or Galactic were. By comparison, Aqua and Magma were petty small time thugs with no real ambition. Look how easily they gave up after coming inches upon reaching their goal all because the legend they had was a little stronger than that thought they were.

    They weren't worth mentioning in either B/W or B2W2 (which other than the grunts, they still weren't mentioned at all by the evil team that was emulating the other two)

    Jasmin traveling to Sinnoh doesn't mean it has to be after the events of HG/SS. Cynthia is still Champion in HG/SS and she travels to Johto despite having the possibility of a challenger. They are all able to freely travel as they wish, they just end up closing the Gyms while they are gone. Not like we haven't seen that happen before in the main games.

    Giovanni in R/B/Y/G/FR/LG.
    Blue in G/S/C/HG/SS.
    Lorelie in FR/LG (after her battle plot in the Sevii Islands you gain access to the upgraded E4 and Champion)
    Burgh in B2W2
    Clay in B/W
    Jasmine in G/S/C/HG/SS
    By a slight issue with Story not allowing you to go, Volkner in D/P/Pt...since he causes a black out in Sunny Shore.

    Also to note...only PCs to be recognized as "Champions" to date are Red and Nate/Rosa. Simply put, Nate/Rosa can only enter the Champions tournament because they are the current Unova Champion having beaten Iris. None of the other PCs have had proof(in other games or in post game info) that they were champions, only that they beat the current champion and were inducted into the hall of fame. (Which no does not mean they are champions, only that the were acknowledged as having beaten the current champion. If the PCs turn down the status then the last Champion is still champion which is usually the basic case outside of Gen 2 post story quest and B2W2's NPC acknowledgement of Nate/Rosa as champions. )((I believe Rival makes note of it, Alder and his Grandson both note it, and I think another NPC says something about it.))
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