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Originally Posted by Liquid Halo View Post
Just received my insect badge in Castelia City, I have accidentally put together an ideal team for the taking on the bug type, as for Virbank City's poison gym.

Current Team

Eevee | Male | Bernie Lvl. 19
Growlethe | Male| Josh Lvl. 24
Servine | Male | Envy Lvl. 23
Lucario | Female | Witchy Lvl. 23
Psyduck | Male| Disco Lvl. 23
Tranquill | Male| Freedom Lvl. 25

(Note: My eevee was most recently caught thus it needing to catch up in level).

I have come across a bit of weirdness just now. I am on route 4 on my way to battle that scientist from the sewers. He's standing just above a breeder and a hiker who stand across from each other and both of whom I battled earlier today (and YES I DID SAVE), but just now as I am pursuing the sewer scientist, the breeder challenged me AGAIN!
Is this normal? Or did my game glitch on me?
In Black2/White2, if you walk in front of Breeders even after beating them for a first time they will rechallenge you, your game didn't glitch. =]

Currently working to complete my Dex in Black, since that is where the majority of my Pokemon are. After I receive a Pikachu from the GTS, my Kanto portion will be complete!

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