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~Geo's Pixels~

Pokemon sprites
~These are some scratch sprites I've made of official Pokemon and are all free to use.~

~These are some tiles I have made for my own personal projects, and are also free for use as long as credit is given.~


Misc. Pixel Art
~These are various pixel arts that I have either made for friends, or just for fun. These are not free to use, with the exception of the Fennekin icon.~

My Fakemon Sprites
~These are sprites I have made of my own Fakemon, and they are not free to use without permission. However if you ask me politely in a pm and show me what project you would use them for, then there's I good chance of me giving permission.~

Fakemon Sprite Tutorial
~ This is a quick Fakemon spriting tutorial I made using my current method. This way works best for me a lot of the time, but may not work as well for you. If you have questions please feel free to ask them, and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.~

Pm me if you want to use or request something.
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