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We've discussed many things here such as past features and past characters but not the actual creature that represents Pokemon. No not about if it will be in the pokedex but rather it'll forgo the Pikachu clones and take on its previous role of mascot of all things Pokemon. In the initial trailer we noticed Pikachu using thunderbolt to connect the world together and that makes me think back to Unova, where Pikachu was barely heard of but only seem in statues. Then in previous games where the whole Pikachu thing wasn't really that big since Kanto where it had a game dedicated to it even. Keep in mind that the statues and a bulletin board of it appeared in Unova despite a Pikachu clone existing, and it was weird how it had no major role nor was really big in representing the games or anything. Given that Pikachu's in the trailer it hints to the fact that they're using Pikachu to familiarize people with the change/new generation - something that hasn't been done before. Given we've seen five generations of Pokemon fans go by it comes to mind that older ones may still be interested and GF would ofc want to hook them in. It could be the case that the Pikachu worshipping in Unova was purely because of the fact that four generations previous to the games just passed by and thus they needed something to keep them hooked, however it just seemed out of place to have Pikachu stuff in a region of just Unova mons for the most part. Now after so many years have passed it could be prime time to bring Pikachu back as the major mascot of the games.

So to summarize what I'm asking here is do you think Pikachu could play a greater role in the representation of the games both inside and outside (not including anime) and instead of going for the clone they choose the real thing and make Pikachu something essential in the games? Would you like to see Pikachu reappear as something important and do you think the above theory is logical in that by using Pikachu to zap the world it could mean it could have a greater role overall and become more of a mascot to even those ingame rather than worshipping it without any real recognition? Could Pikachu become THE Pokemon once again? Discuss.

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