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Eevee as a starter? Hmm... Honestly I don't know how I'd react to this. I think it'd pretty repetitive playing the games over and over if you always have to use the same starter, even if it is able to to evolve into so many different Pokémon. Although all of the eeveelutions are completely different Pokémon with different types and strategies, you'd still have to use an Eevee each time for a lot of the story and honestly the eeveelutions aren't that different from each other in their basic properties - I just think it could get a little dull after a couple of times?

That's not to say I don't like using the eeveelutions though; it's actually one of the things I like most about the them. I love how similar they all are since it's like taking a basic Pokémon and moulding it into something perfect to suit you; what other Pokémon could you possibly do that with?