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Originally Posted by ♪Twiggy♪ View Post
That's probably one of the things that sounds easy enough on paper.

I suppose I should start fooling around in MSCONFIG,
Don't use MSCONFIG, use Autoruns like I said. Unticking an option in autoruns disables it for the next boot only, but you can also delete it permanently from startup as well. MSCONFIG is for diagnostics which you can do just as well with autoruns by disabling on a one-time basis. And it's easy to forget and leave diagnostic or selective startup on.

but there are certain OEM programs that are loaded on start-up to ensure media-key functionality and the hard-disk parking mechanisms work properly, and once I disable it, somehow, it'll stay broken even if re-enabled, so it's a bit of a tough thing.
If you don't recognize something, don't disable it until you look up what it does. That's basic.

Like I said, you need to check which things are doing the most IO on startup. You can do this easily with task manager; start it up (ctrl+shift+esc brings it up immediately), make sure "IO Writes" and "IO Write Bytes" (and maybe their read variants, too) are selected under "select columns" in the view menu, and sort it by those columns. They're both cumulative, so you can see which processes are writing to (or reading from) disk the most. That can give you an idea of what's slowing things down.

If it's "svchost.exe," that's a bit tougher, since it's a service that's doing it. You can right click it and click "go to services," that'll show you which services are hosted by that particular process (there are usually multiple instances of svchost.exe running so that if one crashes, not every service on the system will crash). From there, though, it could be any of the services that are highlighted. And some will skew the numbers: Superfetch, for example, is run when idle and does a lot of writes and reads that let programs start faster.
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