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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    1. I searched using the Pallet editor in VBA on my BPEE rom and found the offset of the Rayquaza's pallet in the title screen to be 0x00DDE418 and the pallet for the glow on its body to be at 0x00D8BA54.

    2. You can change the character in FireRed using JPAN's hacked engine. To make the change at the beginning in the selection area will require ASM or a very, very fancy script with lots of variables and picture boxes.

    Look in the spoiler for a past post on removing the intro. From their, if you know what flags and stuff to write, you could try writing your own ASM or script to make it work:

    For the answer to question one I think you may have been confused. I was after the actual Pokemon logo's palette if it was the incorrect palette I was using. If not, any suggestions as to why the palette was not changing correctly. But thanks for the answer nonetheless

    Thanks heaps for question 2's answer, I think you might be sending me along the right track there. I'll look into it further and come up with some more ideas

    Thanks a lot for your answers.
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