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  • HI, I'm trying to put your ASM Inheriting IVs from parents in my hack rom that I saw on the ASM Resource Thread, but as soon as the NPC gives me the egg, the game just freezes, I'm using the Mr'sDollSteak patch, you know what it can be ?
    Great. I myself have forgot about this lol
    Thank you for the fix and join us on pokefirered if you have time (It's about to hit 60%)!
    It crashed on vanilla firered.
    I don't think it can be an issue in the link process, as all the hooks look okay.

    What I did was:
    1. (Say, we use mGBA here) I load the game without a save file and play until the protagonist saw his mom the first time and talked to her.
    2. Save.
    3. Quit mGBA.
    4. Reopen mGBA and Load the game. It will crash after start menu.

    This is my output.txt:
    00000000 0
    030030F0 .byt:043C
    030030F0 gmain
    03005008 gsaveblock1ptr
    0300500C .byt:0004
    0300500C gsaveblock2ptr
    03005380 .byt:0004
    03005380 gfirstsavesector
    03005390 .byt:0004
    03005390 gsavecounter
    03005394 .byt:0004
    03005394 gfastsavesection
    030053B0 .byt:0070
    030053B0 gramsavesectionlocations
    08000545 setmaincallback2
    080006F5 setvblankcallback
    08000701 sethblankcallback
    0800070D setvcountcallback
    08000719 setserialcallback
    08002B81 malloc_init
    08002B9D malloc
    08002BB1 malloc_and_clear
    08002BC5 free
    0804C301 saveserializedgame
    080565E1 setmaincallback
    080D97D1 save_write_to_flash
    080D9874 .dbl:0004
    080D9874 .pool
    080D99D9 trywritesector
    080D9E58 .dbl:0004
    080D9E58 .pool
    080DA191 doreadflashwholesection
    080DA1A9 calculatechecksum
    080DA1D5 updatesaveaddresses
    080DA23C .dbl:0004
    080DA24C .dbl:0004
    080DA24C .pool
    0813B8C2 .byt:0002
    081E3B69 __aeabi_idiv
    081E3B69 __aeabi_idivmod
    081E3B69 __aeabi_uidiv
    081E3B69 __aeabi_uidivmod
    081E5E79 memcpy
    081E5ED9 memset
    08830018 __text_start
    08830018 loadsector30and31
    0883008C savesector30and31
    08830100 saveparasite
    0883015C loadparasite
    088301B8 handleloadsector
    0883028C handlewritesector
    08830364 call_something
    0883036C handlesavingdata
    08830464 dprint
    08830484 mini_strlen
    08830498 mini_itoa
    08830568 mini_vsnprintf
    08830688 dprintf
    088306D0 .byt:0006
    088306D0 saveblockparasitesizes
    088306D8 .byt:0038
    088306D8 savesectionoffsets
    08830710 .byt:0004
    08830710 parasitesizeindex
    08830798 __bss_end__
    08830798 __bss_start__
    08830798 __end__
    08830798 __text_end
    08830798 _end
    30050010 gsaveblock3ptr
    close + re-open

    It's also possible that something goes wrong in the compiling process tho, like, some symbol's value is not correctly assigned when the object gets linked
    I can test it tomorrow on a clean firered ROM and tell you the result.
    Hi, I tested your save expansion on shiny gold. But if I save the game and restart the emulator (mgba/no$gba/vbam), it will crash and try to jump to bios (0x00000000). JPAN's vanilla hack worked.
    Actually it's hard to decide what to do at this point except contributing to PRET projects. Development is more like non sense because with pokeemerald documentation (and some easy function port if we still want to work on FR) it's way too easy and can only encourage people to apply this kind of stuff blindly. For research and documentation PRET people and egg has already did great work and we'd better rely on those information
    Yes, I've contributed like 15 source files. I'm only doing source code decompiling and some directly related data decomp stuff (but obviously not too much).
    Many files can be directly ported from pokeem (like, 50% functions in those files with a EM counterpart are direct copy (with some renaming tho) 30% need some tweaks and 20% need a complete rewrite or is tossed in emerald)
    The real problem is that (almost) only pikalax and garak were contributing to the repo :/
    sure there're lots of content directly 'incbin'ed from the baserom, but many can be done at this point. I already contributed 2 files and now am waiting for garak to finish porting npc MACROs/DECLs from pokeem.
    Hi! I would like to ask about the Battle Script Loader. Every time I branch to it in my routine, it's either nothing happens or the game crashes.

    Here's my routine:
    .align 2

    push {r0-r1, lr}
    ldr r0, =0x8780680 //my battle script//
    bl linker
    pop {r0-r1, pc}

    ldr r1, =0x801BABB //Battlescript loader I found on some routines//
    bx r1
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