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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
You know what? I'd like to see more pokemon that can be classified as 'fake items'. O: If you guys remember pokemon that were 'fake items', in some indoor areas, some item balls were Voltorb or Electrode, in which case interacting with them will instead initiate a battle with said Pokémon. In Generation V, in forested areas some item balls were Foongus or Amoonguss.

Maybe there can be some pokemon that are shaped like pokemon potions or even money~!
I'd actually like to see another Pokémon like this again too. It always makes it more fun when you see an item and think it's an item, but really it's just a Pokémon hidden as an item.

Did you all get that?

Since you mentioned it, I was thinking a Pokémon that is similar to berries. Not like how Foongus and Amoonguss are mushrooms, but a Pokémon more like Cherubi and Cherrim that could be mistaken as an item/berry.

Actually, this would work out really well if we had soil to plant / find berries in a la RSE, and sometimes when we go to pick a berry it ends up being that Pokémon instead.
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