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    application for a CLOUD user
    FULL NAME: Micah Roran
    DATE OF BIRTH: 31/10/1994
    GENDER: Male
    CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

    APPEARANCE: Your typical "Surfer Dude". Micah has mid length, shaggy blonde hair and tan skin. He has bright blue eyes that are often covered by Frogskin Oakleys when he's surfing or just outside on a sunny day. Surfing has given him a fairly muscular body, but he's not ripping out of his shirt anytime soon to show you. He stands at six feet tall, with wider than average shoulders. His lower face is covered in short, trimmed, blonde facial hair. On unusually cold days in Los Angeles, he might wear a long sleeved shirt, but never escalates to a jacket or coat.visiting colder climates involves a trip to the thrift shop, to stock up on warm coats only to return them upon arrival. On the average day he wears tee shirts, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip flops.


    USERNAME: Shaka Shaman
    GUILD: Rising of the Dark Sun

    GUILD DESCRIPTION: Micah's personal in-joke with his friend Dillon, this clan exists solely to contrast the followers of "The Way of the Light" (small guild that insincerely worships the sun). Strangely, the guild has picked up many members, most of which have no idea what it is about. They are a mild, generally peaceful group, usually having raiding parties in RAIN. They are known to be laid back and easy going in general, but they still like to have fun.


    Hoarder: Has Never Dropped an Item

    Dungeon Crawler Lv. 3: Has completed 200 dungeons solo.

    Indianna Jones: Has accuired 50 Rare items from Dungeons.

    Only got 20 Dollars in My Pocket: Bought 10 Items on sale

    Event Horizon: Has watched 50+ events in the arena.

    Hanging with my homies: Has spent 300+ hours in a chatroom or lounge

    Demon Slayer Lv. 7: Has slayed 300+ Demonoid Enemies Solo

    Hanging Loose: Has been voted "Bro of the Year" for 2008

    Hey! It's that guy!: Above 30% of our members have said they know who you are.

    Totally Rad: Mastered all skateboard stunts in the halfpipe dome

    Make a new account already!: Has been a member since the year CLOUD was released (2002)

    It builds up: Has been logged on for 1000+ Hours


    Sorry for tiny image. Basically, it is a red orange, bipedal dragon with tribal clothes on. Nothing too special.




    The sea was calm in the early morning of the 10th of December, and the brisk air that rolled off of it was a pleasant refreshment to those escaping the heat of the sun. It was unseasonably warm, 82 degrees F, and near perfect for surfing. The tide would roll in around 1:30 PM, and the bros would flock to the beach. Micah stood on the pier, overlooking the waves. His friends Peter, a Russian, nudged him.

    "Check this out, dude," he said. He almost lost his accent in the vernacular they shared. He pulled up a website on his iPhone, Casual Observations of an Insider. The main article was about a CLOUD rumor. Supposedly, if you logged into CLOUD between 00:00 and 00:01 JST (or 07:00 and 07:01 in his time zone) on the 14th, you would witness a 'sneak peak' at the big unveiling on December 21st. It looked legit, and really, the only negative result could be having to wake up early enough to log in. Micah signed back to Peter.

    Awesome. I'll probably log in just to see if it is fake or not. It can't hurt.

    Peter nodded his head.

    "Yeah bro, I'll probably do that too." Micah gave him a thumbs up, and a signed, Alright, I'm going to class now. Catch you later.

    "Seeya. Hang loose, dude." Micah gave him the sign back and walked back to USC.

    He walked into his first class of the day, Spanish 101. He could write Spanish pretty well already, but he had to get this class out of the way before he could go onto an advanced course. Professor Garcias strode in, with her usual flair.

    "Okay, your mid term papers should already be on my desk, if they're not, then it sucks to be you. Today we're moving on to past tense conjugation....."

    Micah tuned her out and pulled out his iPhone. He logged into CLOUD and scrolled to his Guild Home Menu. A few notes were scattered on the screen.

    I'mAKite: So dude, yesterday I was in a dungeon on RAIN and I saw this huge bug looking thing. It killed me in like six seconds. It was wicked hahaha.

    JeffAlmighty: @I'mAKite: lol dude wanna go team up on it later for some revenge??

    Greg-the-goat: @I'mAKite: Can I come too bro? I've been looking for some action lately.

    I'mAKite: @JeffAlmighty, Greg-the-goat: Yea bromosapiens, lets do this.

    Shaka Shaman: Hahaha go get that bug thing dude. Bring him the wraith of the Dark Suns!

    I'mAKite: Hahaha yeah bro gonna make him PAY.

    JeffAlmighty: Yeah man he's going down hard. Nobody messes with the K-Man.

    I'mAKite: Lol NIICE. Can that be my permanent nickname?

    Shaka Shaman: Oh, glorious I'mAKite. You have surpassed the ranks of the minor celestial bodies. We now grant you the epic broness of "K-Man". Bear the name well, and may it instill awesomeness in your legend.

    Greg-the-goat: Hahaha omg dude that is EPIC. K-Man represent!

    Shaka Shaman: Praise the Rising of the Dark Sun!

    Greg-the-goat: Praise!

    I'mAKite: Praise!

    JeffAlmighty: Praise!

    Florenceclad: Praise!

    PetrolPete: Praise!

    Okay enough of that. The next 100 or so messages would now consist of "Praise!" or something along the lines of "Congrats on the sweet nick, K-Man!" Micah shifted his view to the CIRRUS area where his DAEMON was waiting. He walked through a few stores, but nothing really caught his eye. He strolled down to the cinema, and decided to watch whatever the next show was. The Matrix. Micah shrugged and started streaming the movie. He plugged in his headphones and blocked out the outside world.

    (please provide a sufficient sample, describing days up to and including the pre-annoucement. you may include how they heard the rumour, a conversation at school or work if they attend it, a quest or guild or social outing, etc. if you are planning on creating relationships that existed before the start of this roleplay, a joint post is perfectly acceptable. this is what i'll be using to judge whether you are accepted or not so please work hard on it! )

    MISCELLANEOUS: Micah himself is mute, but not deaf. Unable to speak, he relies on writing or sign language to communicate (or in this case, just typing messages out on CLOUD) Most people (that don't know him personally) don't know he is mute, because he just doesn't go around telling everyone that. He doesn't neccissarily try to hide it, but if you never ask he probably wouldn't ever tell. He accomplishes most everyday tasks without assistance, but if he's going to the Subway to get a sandwich he brings along a friend who knows sign language, or at the very least, a notepad.

    That being said, Micah doesn't let mutism get in his way. He is an avid surfer, an art student at USC, and something of an internet celebrity. Known for his early artwork on various art websites and his later works as a cartoonist on his own, Micah has a humble presence on the web. In CLOUD, it is not uncommon for somwone to ask him, "Hey, aren't you the guy who drew that thing on deviantart?" or "Hey! You're Micah Roran right? I love 'Sun Popes Anonymous'!" He responds to this like he would respond to anything of that nature. "Yeah dude. I love you too."


    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!