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    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    Because it can be considered as "marking" the card, which is a way of making the card different from all the other cards in your deck so you know which card is next. That is considered cheating because it tells you when that card is on top of your deck.
    As long as you use a SOLID card sleeve such as Ultra Pro Black or a very dark colour such as Red/Purple it will be very difficult to see the misprint symbol through the sleeve itself.
    It is the same if a card is slightly damaged on the back.

    YOU CANNOT use a clear sleeve for damaged cards or cards which are cut slightly differently. As then you can clearly see where that particular card is from the back alone.

    In terms of the "front of the card", as long as the attack(s) text can be read, all the HP values, energy costs are not distorted on the card, it is tournament playable.

    Most judges and tournament organizers will be understanding if you have a misprint or foreign card (European text) as long as you have the correct sample of the card with you when you play down the card such as a print off picture of the original card or using your smart phone on a reliable source (Pokebeach/Pokegym.)
    Such as "Tropical beach" for example is a prime card which usually will be in a variety of languages which some players may not be aware of it's text.
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