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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
True - All the politicians care about is keeping their jobs, not making a better nation.

We really need a minimum approval rating or term limits for all.

Under the approval ratings, their pay would be linked to their ratings - the higher percentage their rating is, the more pay they get. If their rating is 80%, then they get 80% of their pay. Also, to this, should the ratings fall below... lets say, 40%, the their state would be allowed to automatically recall their represenatives and replace them with someone else.
I don't know if you're entirely serious, but this kind of proposal would just create gridlock. At least that's how it seems to me.

Let's assume that we can even get accurate approval numbers. 30-40% of people in a bunch of states are going to disapprove of their representative just based on the party they're associated with. If the representative does anything to upset their base (which in today's climate could mean as little as compromising on one issue with someone of the other party) they could easily fall below your threshold and have to be booted out. Then, depending on where you are, you'd end up with some extremist who will only listen to one end of the political spectrum and pander to keep their support, or you'd get a complete centrist populist who won't publicly commit to anything but the blandest of opinions to keep from being kicked out and we'd never know what they might vote on at any given moment.
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