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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
His point is that corporations shouldn't have personhood. When he goes to court (and inevitably looses his case) he's hoping that the publicity will instill in people some amount of anger or dissatisfaction with the idea of corporate personhood, which I assume he'd hope would help people push to get that notion changed.
California Vehicle Code section 470 defines a "person" as "a natural person, firm, copartnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation." Section 21655.5, under which Frieman was cited, states that "no person shall drive a vehicle upon lanes except in conformity with the instructions imparted by the official traffic control devices."

Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
The idea of corporate personhood is to make it easier for big money to suppress the people.

It's not about letting corporations have a voice - Because they already had a voice, it's called their CEO. It's about making it easier for corporations to use their larger reserves of money to outbuy, outspend, and essentially suppress the people so that they, the corporations, can make even more money... Sometimes at the cost of the average American.

Edit - What were the founding fathers words? Oh yes, 'We The People', not 'We the Corporations'.

Our country is about the collective ideals of the people, not the ideals of a collective.
I agree that corporations and labor unions should have limits placed on their ability to influence elections. We had a ballot measure her in California last year called Prop 32, which would have done just that. Labor unions opposed it because it included them, and also contained a "paycheck protection" provision. I voted against it because it went too far by completely banning corporations and labor unions from donating to political candidates, instead of just limiting them.
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