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application for a CLOUD user
FULL NAME: Davis, Fletcher Michael
DATE OF BIRTH: 27/05/1991
CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Melbourne, Australia

Standing at 5 foot 10 and weighing in a little under eighty kilograms, Fletcher is your average Australian university student. The best way to describe Fletcher would be 'dapper'. Beneath a techno-fabric overcoat are generally dress shirts, most of them of the checkered variety. In summer these tend to be unbuttoned with a varying array of under shirts present. He often wears jeans year round except for times in extreme weather such as heat waves in which he resorts to board shorts. Generally, shoes are comfy casual-formal in style, similar to this. With regards to jewellery, a single watch rests on his left wrist.
GUILD: Daemonhead
  • Jumping on the Bandwagon - Joining a guild with over 100,000 members.
  • Nearly there! - Participate in the annual ACID Tournament.
  • Dying to Get There! - Having a Death count twice as high as a kill count.
DAEMON APPEARANCE: Fletcher's Daemon is an Arctic Fox with the ability to assume a Human hybrid form for Dungeons, tournaments, etc. Something akin to this.
"Now class, if you look at the coefficient correlation 'R' here, then you begin to see a small trend start in this direction..."

Fletcher's pen traced shapes and images into the sidelines of his textbook as the lecturer's voice droned on. If it were up to him, he wouldn't have taken this class in the first place. As it turned out, this class was a prerequisite for his core classes in engineering next year. As the class continued on, images began to spread across the pages of the textbook; with the margins now full, not even text was safe. The toll of the bells signalled the end of class and Fletcher made his way as quick as possible out of the lecture hall, thanking god that the torture was finally over.

"So, you amped for the "End of the World" Concert? Atreyu is meant to be playing the opening."

"Hell yeah, dude. Got my tickets ready and everything." Fletcher sized up the small Welsh dude walking beside him. They had been friends for a couple of years now, but the whole 'punk' thing was still hilarious considering his rather 'British' accent he spoke in.

"I can't wait to see Lostprophets play, they from my home town, you know?"

"Yeah, you always mention that, dude. Anyway, I'm off," Fletcher popped open the door to his car, winding down the window as he got in, "you want a ride back to your place?"

"Nah dude, I've still got a Commerce lecture."

"Suit yourself." Fletcher wasn't much off a street racer, but he did love breaking people's silences. With a loud roar he left the student parking lot, zipping down the street rather quickly. With music blaring he let the cool summer's air wash over him. Summer school was such a drag, but he had stuffed around in class in his first year enough to land him having to complete summer school after his third year. Returning home, he would look at lifting some weights before jumping onto the computer, maybe even lose himself in this online world that his brother was so obsessed over.

"Look how pretty she is, when she falls down
Now there is no beauty in, bleeding mascara
Lips are quivering, like a withering rose
She's back again!"

Fletcher check his phone as it flashed obnoxiously with 'You have (1) new messages'. Flicking it open, he sucked in a breath as the text flashed on the display.

From: Kieran Davis
Log into Cloud midnight tonight.

Fletcher furrowed his brow at the rather strange text message. His brother barely even talked to him in Cloud, much less in public which made the text even stranger. Why would Kieran tell Fletcher such a thing? The only reason he even joined Cloud was because Kieran had asked him to in order to get his guild past 400,00 members. Chucking his phone back onto the passegers seat, Fletcher turned the music up again on the stereo, losing himself to the melodies as he ventured back home.

MISCELLANEOUS: Despite being the younger brother of revlis, the two are rarely seen in public together much less on the Cloud server.
Fletcher has only been on Cloud for three years, even then he doesn't spend much time on it; one of those "Casual" users.