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I definitely say that, if you wanted the cheapest yet optimal combo, it would be Wii U and PC, mainly because these two consoles have always had the most exclusives and the most unique experiences, so you'd be getting the most bang for your buck. Plus, this time around, a lot more games will that are available for the 720 and PS4 will be available for the Wii U than were available for the Wii was with games available for the 360 and PS3, do to power comparisons (and now, thanks to the new Unreal engine), so things are looking brighter for core gamers this time around.

It's unlikely that I'll be, I will get a 720, but if the PS4 comes out before it and...well, if I feel like buying the PS4, I'll probably buy that first. I really, REALLY don't like Xbox Live, specifically, how they charge you for it and pretty much every other game. Heck, if they got rid of that one thing, I'd have a lot more respect for Microsoft and I'd like the Xbox again. I'm not even much of a multiplayer gamer, multiplayer is nice, but it's never been my deciding point on a game...however, in the case of the Xbox, I can't play online unless I pay. Nor can I watch Netflix, Youtube, play various demos...

My point is, Live payment REALLY deters me from even wanting the 720, and unless it gets more exclusives or drops the subscription fee (the latter of which won't happen)...I dunno if I will. I'll get the PS4, though I'll be a little disappointed if they drop used game support, but it will no doubt be better than the PS3, for a number of reasons. Or I could just stay PC; that's where I do the majority of my gaming, anyway. I'll no doubt be getting a Wii U thanks to that amazing Nintendo Direct recently.
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