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    Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
    Near the bar that says tolerance, there's a flask that is filled in green, click it, it goes transparent Also, set the tolerance to 0. A wise tip to do, if you're ever using ms paint to resize anything, I'd suggest for you to go into something like, set the background layer as a colour you wont use for the transparency, and make a new layer for the tileset, then you can click merge layer and it will have a background colour for you, allowing you to paste it in ms paint for resizing without the worry of having to set up a colour for transparency in RMXP.
    Hmm... how odd, I tried all that, and then loaded it in RMXP and there is still transparency issues, most odd. I set the tolerance to 0%, I clicked the green flask to "overwrite," and then I selected a white color from the color picker and used that, then I filled in the first layer, after that I inserted my image as a separate layer and merged the two together and did not do anything, the white is still white and not the transparent black and whiteish kinda look when you do make it transparent for the background.
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