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Oops I forgot about this >_<

Originally Posted by Kaliser View Post
I think you need working better those fakes, 'cause they haven't that "pokemon shape". Actually, I think that's because of the head...
Yeah my fakemon don't really have the "pokemon" look to them, which is something I need to work on. My main goal right now is just to make good sprites, as I don't have a lot of experience.

Originally Posted by windsaver View Post
Your fakemon are actually really well done, however I do think think your shading needs a bit of work closer to the outlines. Also your detail is slightly different to the pokemon style which is more simplistic.

Besides this, they are very good!
Thank you very much! :D Shading has always been a problem for me, to be honest! If you (or anyone!) have any suggestions for shading/outlines I'd love to hear them, as I feel like that's my main problem. :/

Originally Posted by Blaid View Post
They're fine but I think they are not in pokemon style. xD Fake designs are really cool, but if you add black out to your fakes they will look pretty cool! :p I personally don't like the first because the wing looks like one of a bat, yes; but also looks like a umbrella! xD You're doing well, keep going! c:
Uh, what do you mean by adding black out? And yeah, Torbat's wing does look like an umbrella XD I was kind of going for the look of a dragon wing folded up... my thought process is hard to explain lol

Originally Posted by JubiPop View Post
These are really cool man keep them coming, im looking forward to the split evos of the mouse.
Thank you! :D I should have those up around February vacation, so around the 15th?

Also, I have a new mon that I did for TWP - It's a final evolution for froakie

Frozeuse (Frog + Gazeuse)

Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon can often be found eating shampoo or soap it has stolen - it makes their manes luxurious.

Pokedex Entry: It's thought that this pokemon gains its ability to fly from eating the bubbles of the hot springs it lives in.

To be honest I think it looks a little plain, but I like complex designs. Thoughts? :D

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