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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Sush you it's wonderful! I'm just wondering if gets painful closing your eyes that tight... ;p Your voice is great (as always) and the bits where you think you've messed up are adorable, and the guitar playing sounds completely accurate! The only tiny bit that you might want to think about is the higher notes like "It's too cold outside", your voice wobbles a bit hehe x] Out of interest, what chords are you playing here? The version I learnt seems completely different but still sounds recognisable so I'd love to know if you have them!
It's the same chords, just a full step down (no capo) because my voice isn't nice when I try to sing it in the right key (I can do it, but it falters after the second chorus). And voice wobblings I attribute to one: falsetto sucks for me and two: so many attempts, my voice can only hold out for so long =P But thanks for the positivity!