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Originally Posted by TheErd30 View Post
Yeah I did. So why don't you educate me and tell me exactly how the universe came into being. Please! I've been wanting someone to fill the void of my absent years in grade school for so very long.
Alright, if you insist.

Nothing we accept as fact is true to everyone - we have to accept that people are telling the truth. It's the only way you can "learn" - trust your sources. In the grand scheme of things, MIT is about as great a source of information as The only way to "learn" things is to do them.

That being said, creationism is merely a metaphor. God doesn't give a crap about our mediocre "days", he's got billions of years under his belt. He could have shaped the animals slooooooowly, like evolution kind of slow. Did he make DNA from RNA because he was bored? Stuff like that. It's pointless, and though it may be true, science is a more reliable way to explain things than religion (you know, with the whole "precision" and "scientific method" bs that them kids are talkin' about)

And how did the universe come to be? Sure, it's just a speculation, but we've searched this idea as much as we've searched a cave.

Look at the person descending into the cave - that's science. It's small, but surely. As long as the cave doesn't collapse, it will march on, and write down everything it can. In this universe, only one thing is certain - we still have more to learn.

With the whole "big bang is stoopid" and "OMG do we KNOW know know?" thing out of the way, the rest should be a lot easier to explain.

The big bang isn't a fact of life - for all we know, a giant elf-servant of God might be having a bad bowel movement and we're his fart bubble of poop. But as far as we can tell, we started how the big bang theory says we started - a point, with no spatial direction or being whatsoever, just existed (remember, we can't speculate anything before that point or else PCHOO) and then steadily expanded from there on. That's the current theory. But if we find out that the giant elf ate a bad burrito and that's why there's Mexicans that bomb communist terrorists, we're going to take that and shove the Big Bang theory aside.

And as for rain, it's water falling from the sky. Clouds, whatever. Trust your science teacher, because we've definitively searched the rain wizard, and he just turns out to be dust particles.

And if you need a better example of the plasticity of theories, turn to Einstein's works. When they got out, we just gave the birdie to Newton's pretty and not-theoretical (ie stupid) equations and then showered Einstein with flowers, chocolate, pretty women and nuclear bombs. That's just one of the examples - this happens very often. Charles Darwin has had his theories disproved the second he released them with a new and more refined theory, and these things go on and on, every second of the day.
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