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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    thats really cool, and sounds really fun, I love the idea and Oh my god, I want agatha now, that is hilarious and awesome
    Looks like I found a fan. You know there is a download link in the description above?

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    also, is there a way to lose? like you dont get any women?
    Yes, this is the bad ending. But you can also get Game Over, when you disrupt the space-time-continuum or do other things that are really, really stupid. Never open a box that has DOOM written all over! But besides the normal bad ending none of this funny business is present in the current version (1.0).

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    but if you're using the whole "he was invited as a gym leader" then you could do that for so many others and increase the number of women you could potentially be with by so much, and it could prolong the game, rather than making it some short choice between 3 women

    and is there a restriction on what women you could win over? like are you strictly going on main series/ anime/ classic games/ or will you only make it trainers?/ only gym leaders? only champions and night minor trainers?/ will you exclude heros like leaf or blue/green/yellow w/e her name is?
    Except for some very special common trainers (like Youngster Joey) I do not plan to put any (more or less) nameless character into the tournament, although exceptions can be made. (The female Black/White Ace Trainer looks cute.) Most of the other characters you mentioned are already included in the tournament: hero(ine)s, gym leaders, champions, frontier brains, up to Black and White 2. I didn't searched through the anime girls because I don't know which one would be considered important enough.
    ANYWAY being in the tournament is just a formal thing and no guaranty for inclusion as a dateable character. I can change it anytime, too. So what is a guaranty? To bring me at least one vector image and lines, lot of lines. After asking me to do a certain character (just so that no character image or text is worked on by more than one people at a time respectively). Oh, and both shouldn't be too low quality, but checking your Showcase game out tells me you can tell the difference between good (IC) stuff and crap.
    Also, I want to make a tutorial how to trace characters. Not because it is difficult but because I want the vector image to be so that other people could technically work on it later on, too (e.g. for new expressions). This tutorial isn't done yet, but I'll try to find some spare time during my 2 exam months (which started today, to my surprise). For the writings, there is also some template on my project board. The template is hidden for guests and old, it needs some overworking. Again, I need a bit of time.

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    are you also going to exclude side games like collosseum, XD, or pokemon ranger?
    I'm very tempted to do so, but again, it depends on the stuff delivered to me. I don't feel like tracing more characters (well except for the tutorial of course).

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    what do you mean by that, because it sounds fairly easy to make graphics, and I do that a lot and could help you, but i cant do anything script-like hahaha
    Would you be surprised to hear all scripting to do to add a additional character would be about 5 lines because I wrote everything so excellent? ;P
    Which character would you want? I remind you that I need both lines and vector image to add her. Else the given material will be stored until the other component arrives. If you have no preference and think you can write lines for nurse joy, tell me. If you would prefer to do an vector image, I still have none for Brock and Professor Oak. These two are not dateable, but a vector image would be splendid, for story telling purposes.

    I'm going to sleep now. Tell all your friends that they can help (as soon as I've got the tutorial online).

    EDIT: Oh, my quoting answering deleted your quote. Seems I missunderstood and thought you would want to make a character (which would be really great). The screens are another thing and I'm sorry but they work through scripting in Ren'Py. Here is the beginner's introduction to that.
    But I assure you, tracing is totally easy, too. Just takes its time, like any good thing ;)