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Originally Posted by Yamiidenryuu View Post
Anyway, I want to see more interaction with your Pokemon. They're just so lifeless in the games as it is, which kind of undermines the messages that they're friends and should be treated as equals. HGSS's following feature was a good start, but it suffered from a limited amount of lines, which led to things like a serious-natured Pokemon dancing around like a fool or Scyther poking you in the stomach. And, you know, it was removed in later games.
Yes, yes, YES. Give this guy a medal, someone else gets it. Saves me the trouble in writing my usual spiel, too. :P

In my younger days, I'd've love to have seen the Orange Islands in the games. And it sorta-kinda happened in FR/LG, but not really. I wanted my Pinkan Island, dagnabbit.

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