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    Originally Posted by Roboblob View Post
    Remember, Blue is still battling Red at this point. All those battles take place simultaneously. Besides, you usually have to battle the boss in the games anyway.
    Yeah, realized this later but forget to change my post accordingly. I knew you had the Boss battle in mind, I was just pointing out the Why. Like, did prota earned enough trust from Blue and so on (because they hardly meet according to your plot, just two, three times. (On the other side, this isn't really unusual for the games indeed.)) or was prota just there conveniently? I guess you'll go for trust and convenience together; I just wanted to explain the original intention of my question.

    Looks good so far. Now it is amusing how rival regained his power faster and became champ already. "Hey Elite Four, you sure have recovered after 2 days? Let's battle!" :D

    EDIT; I've just voted for original starters thinking by "original" you simply mean "no fake pokemon". It's simply my taste, because through some Fakemon look amazing, I just don't see the point, because there are enough Pokemon out already :P
    Oh, and it's just that I can't take Ash seriously.
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