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    LilJz1234: Pretty much bang-on what Toujours and Brendino have done. Great job, guys!

    Brendino: The Mew-Mewto linkage is completely fair-play. I'm actually going to edit the OP so that you can have linked Pokemon together. This'll mainly affect legendary duos/trios so you don't have to split them up and take lots of slots!

    I've taken a similar route to Brendino in creating a mini-Regional PokeDex to provide for some variety. Although I have made this a bit more biased towards my favourite critters, there are still some here that I'm not too fond of. And, apart from Heracross being the sole bug, I've got at least 2 lines of each type. To start off, I really like dual-type starters, and I wanted to spread the wealth a bit between generations, so it resulted in the ones you see below. After that, I wanted a few 'piddly' Pokemon; but 'piddly' doesn't necessarily mean bad, and I really like these ones that I've selected. Then a few cave critters. Then Girafarig, which I imagine would just end up being like the Audino of this land: e-ver-y-where and awesome! No forest critters, but Heracross will appear in trees. Then a Psychicy-Ghosty temple full of the requisite critters. Then a hodgepodge of critters that don't really go anywhere. Then the water critters (with a quick detour through Cryonogal Cave for good measure!). Then the requisite 'one-of-a-kind' critters. Then the pseudo-legendary. Then the actual legendaries! Phew. I like this list, if I do say so myself!

    Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venasaur
    Chimchar – Monferno – Infernape
    Mudkip – Marshtomp – Swampert
    Spearow – Fearow
    Mareep – Flaafy – Ampharos
    Ralts – Kirlia – Gardevoir – Gallade
    Drilbur – Excadrill
    Onix – Steelix
    Abra – Kadabra – Alakazam
    Gastly – Haunter – Gengar
    Litwick – Lampent - Chandelure
    Riolu - Lucario
    Cacnea – Cacturne
    Cottonee - Whimsicott
    Houndour – Houndoom
    Magnemite – Magneton – Magnezone
    Chinchou – Lanturn
    Horsea – Seadra – Kingdra
    Tenacool – Tentacruel
    Feebas – Milotic
    Deino – Zweilous - Hydreigon
    Raikou – Suicune – Entei
    Ho-oh – Lugia
    Mew – Mewtwo