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Fletcher Davis – Melbourne, Australia

I'm still here. I'm the black mage with the robe and staff in the group that is taking on the monsters at the center of the arena. See the pillar of light? Get here and there might be a starter kit for you too, soon.

Fletcher scanned the rapidly clearing dome for any site of this group. All around the dome, bands of DAEMONs fought each other for keys and for survival while others escaped through portals to other areas of Cloud where they felt safe.

Up ahead, he spotted the fluttering of a black cape in mid-air just as a wave of dark data obliterated a large chicken monster into small bytes of data. Falling like debris, a couple of starter kits dropped to the group as sparks appeared above the head of the black Mage. On screen, the small envelope flashed red as a small number one appeared announcing the arrival of a new message.

Yep, there definitely is some gear for you here now. If you're quick.

With hands at the ready, Fletcher raced his avatar forward. In the fox form, his avatar was agile and speedy, yet weak and vulnerable. His main goal was to dark in and pick up one of the starter kits before pulling back behind the group to quickly equip the gear. It was risky but the only way he was going to get anywhere in this game. Like a white blur, his fox Avatar scurried through the feet of other Avatars and across the floor where his prize lay in sight.

Atreyu – Thunder Dome, Cloud Server

With starter kit in inventory, Atreyu retreated to the back ranks of this main group, transforming into his werewolf form before donning the gear. In this form, speed and agility gave way to defence and durability while also gaining an increase in attack. Medium weighted armour now covered his body; changing shape slightly to better fit his current physique. Now that he was all suited up, Atreyu made his way to the front line’s where most of the fighting was taking place.

[GENERAL] Anyone call for a tank?

Atreyu leapt into the fray, putting force in his shoulder and knocking back a gorilla-ish monster. Un-equipping the sword and shield, he used a flurry of basic scratch moves by swiping at the gorilla in front of him. Every scratch Atreyu made on the beast, a tiny bit of data would evaporate into the air, but these seemed to fuel the creatures rage rather than weaken him. He felt the full weight of the gorilla’s punch making contact with his body; the armour quickly losing durability with each hit.

As a tank, it was his job to take the brunt of the damage; however the gear he was wearing wasn’t much in the way of tanking material. The best he could do would be to continue fighting the beast while DPS sorted themselves out quickly enough to aid him. By the looks of their health, he theoretically could take down this monster by himself, but without a healer, he would be in danger of dying.