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    Finished off Victory Road (or at least I think I did - I might've missed something, and I still need to catch a Zweilous, and there's that cave you can't get into yet, but I assume that'll get dealt with later). I posted my team over here already.

    I would go so far as to say I actually liked this Victory Road. There was a time when I would've been satisfied with a Victory Road that just wasn't a huge pain in the butt, but this one was actually pretty cool. Used up eight Revives along the way though - I was at about level 46-49, and the trainers are all at 54-56. The one with the Ampharos was particularly memorable - after that Ampharos took out Excadrill with a Superpower (didn't see that one coming), it got rough. But we made it through, then simply mopped the floor with Hugh and got the Thunderbolt TM (yay!), then I spent a lot of time rearranging movesets. That was the only problem with that Victory Road - I had to use every single damned HM, plus Flash, so when it was all over, I had to fly to Driftveil and forget all those HMs and rebuild the movesets. And now it's back to Flying around and EV training. Working on my newly evolved Weavile and an Absol, and I really want to do something with my new Golurk. And I still need to get back to VR and catch a Zweilous, and hopefully evolve it - I just couldn't stick with a Deino long enough in B/W to get all the way to a Hydreigon. And there are Grottoes to check, and Join Avenue to tend, and the Ferris Wheel battles, and....