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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    The fact that most of the things we know about Pokémon today and their background come from the internet is proof enough that the PokéDex lacks information that could very well be provided in the games. The PokéDex has so much potential, but it has always been designed for minimum use.
    There's a good reason for this: data. More information translates into more data. Take for example the following entry from Bulbapedia describing a Pokémon I've selected at random:

    I quote:



    Chansey have pink, egg-shaped bodies. They have hair-like outgrowths on the side of their heads instead of the pigtail they had as a Happiny. Chansey have stubby limbs and have grown a short tail. Chansey's lower body is fully developed and they now have a pouch that holds an egg.

    Gender differences

    Chansey is a female-only species with no male counterpart.

    Special abilities

    Chansey, and her evolved form, Blissey, are the only known Pokémon that can learn Softboiled by leveling up. However, Mew could learn it from a TM in Generation I, while members of the Clefairy and Togepi families can be tutored the move in Generation III.


    Extremely rare in the wild, Chansey is said to bring friendship and extremely good luck to those who are lucky enough to capture her. Chansey lays several eggs each day. The egg is extremely nutritious and tasty. A kindhearted and charitable Pokémon, Chansey will share her eggs with injured Pokémon she may come across. However, she will not share her egg with anyone who has evil in his or her heart. Chansey walks carefully to protect her egg from damage, but can be startlingly fast when she must run from danger.


    Chansey are rarely seen in the wild. They are a common sight seen working at Pokémon Centers. Wild ones are said to exist in Kanto and Sinnoh. They have also been imported into Johto's Safari Zone.
    Yes, details like the above could EASILY be added. However, if they did this for EVERY Pokémon, they would be adding a lot of data.

    Let's assume it takes 10 KB of space to add this kind of information.

    10 x 649 = 6,490 = 6.49 MB of space.

    Do you know how many towns, special areas, and NPC details could be added onto six and a half megabytes of space? Add another megabyte for the 100 new Pokémon we're surely getting and you're wasting space on something that can easily be researched on the Internet.

    GameFreak knows about sites like Bulbapedia, and it wouldn't surprise me if some of its contributors are from GameFreak but just can't say so on there. Therefore, because they know of such sites, they can provide minimal information and leave it to the user to research everything else about each Pokémon as they are interested.

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