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chapter 3; TIME TO ROCK // Pewter City

The first town you reach on your journey is Pewter, a rather small city where most people know each other and gossip a lot when travelers reach town, especially trainers who want to challenge the gym. There is a Pokémon Center that heals pokémon and gives a place to stay for the night, for free if a trainer displays a pokédex. There is also a PokéMart that sells goods and medicine for pokémon.

In the western part of town lies the Pewter Pokémon Gym. Behind the gym lies the mountain with some shady, cliffy areas where strange pokémon can be found. In the north lies the museum. To the east, Route 3 stretches out, but you probably don't want to go there until you have tested your skills against the gym leader.

You may team up and make a joint post, or several, in this chapter. Either about anything or doing one of the events together. Click the picture to get the theme music for this area.

Lv. 16
[Tackle] [Rollout] [Mud Sport] [Rock Polish] [Rock Throw] [Magnitude]

Lv. 17
[Tackle] [Bind] [Rock Tomb] [Screech] [Rock Throw] [Rage]

Lv. 18
[Tackle] [Sand Attack] [Headbutt] [Rock Blast] [Mud Slap] [Iron Defense]
The Pewter Pokémon Gym:
Brock is the gym leader and he specializes in Rock types. The arenas and training areas inside the building are all covered with earth, rocks and cliffs to give rock pokémon a nice environment. Tradition says that challengers have to face at least one gym trainer in battle before they are worthy of challenging Brock for a badge.

In ordet to challenge Brock, at least one of your pokémon should match the level of his lowest. If you defeat Brock, he will give you the Boulder Badge as well as a TM of your (OOC) choice!

Brock will use 2 pokémon in his battle against you and you are allowed to choose between these:

Optional event:
There has been a break-in at the museum and one of the treasures there has been stolen. If you somehow scout out the thief who is hiding in Pewter City somewhere and take back the treasure, the museum's manager will reward you with an evolution item - any evolution inducing item you want, except for stones. The thief will be a person clad in black with a mask who refuses to say why they broke into the museum. Even if you get the item back to the museum, the thief will escape before police can get them.

Minimum number of posts: ... 1

Level cap: ... 24

Wild pokémon catchable:
Their evolutions/prevolutions may be encountered but not captured.
You can keep playing after having caught a pokémon,
but I will assign level 9 or 10 to it in the first post,
depending on how good your capture post was!


[Gust] [Growl] [Leer]

[Scratch] [Growl] [Bite] [Fake Out]

[Leer] [Scratch] [Foresight] [Night Shade]

[Astonish] [Fake Tears] [Bite]

chapter two; part VII
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

Aberdeen slept well that night, although he didn't speak anymore with Dangoober even though they shared tent. He was still a bit pissed about the poacher taking the Scyther when he had called dibs on it. But Heracross wasn't too bad, he guessed. After all, he hadn't want to choose between them himself.

The next morning, Memeeber had made breakfast and they all sat around the fire eating. The fire seemed to just always be lit in this camp. Apparently there had been a forest fire somewhere too; without Memeeber or Aberdeen noticing, Corpwall had gone away to try and help. Or that was what he said, but he brought with him a bunch of wild pokémon who needed healing after being exposed to the fire. And he didn't release them afterwards. Aberdeen decided not to argue, but he didn't quite like the ways in which these people capture pokémon. It was so... Soulless.

Memeeber caught him thinking deeply after breakfast. "Are you going to keep journeying now?" she asked him as he sat on the ground outside of Dangoober's tent. She was once again wearing the simple clothes she had had yesterday, and the same kind of wide braid. Apparently, Jamaisia was the only one who really cared about her looks here. But Memeeber was really pretty anyways, in Aberdeen's eyes. He smiled up at her.

"I guess. Pikachu and Butterfree are getting stronger so I think we'll try and battle some trainers and then maybe challenge the gym. Somehow." His gaze drifted off into the distance again.

"And you have Heracross now as well? Will you name him as well?" the girl asked.

"I guess," Ab said again. "He can be... I'm not sure. Maybe... Hannibal?"

"Sounds a bit... Dark."

"I think he is a bit dark. Not just his skin. He seemed really angry when we battled."

"I think he just had a bad day. Not many pokémon are really dark inside!"

"Then, how about... Hernando? Hammond? Horatio?"

"I like Horatio. Not sure why. I think it fits."

"Really?" Aberdeen pretended to ponder it for a while, but he was already certain. "Then I will name him Horatio, in memory of you."

Memeeber actually blushed. "So you are leaving..."

"You already asked, didn't you? I'm not a poacher, I can't stay in the woods!"

"But... I don't want to stay here either!"

The two teenagers stared at each other for a second before the girl looked away. Aberdeen's heart pounded faster.

"I want to travel with you. I never chose to become a poacher. My brother and I lost our parents and then Gregor came along and took care of us. But he's not our real father. He is the real father of Corpwall."

Aberdeen stood up and realized that it made sense. They were pretty alike, only that Corpwall had large muscles and a well build upper body, while most of Gregor's volume sad on his belly and hips. Age, was the only real difference though.

"Please take me with you! I can learn to be a trainer too! And capture pokémon the real way." Aberdeen met her gaze again. She really meant it. Those pretty eyes... How could he say no?

He didn't say no. A couple of hours later, still just late in the morning, the two of them left the camp for good. Corpwall had provided as accurate descriptions as he could of the people who bought Servine and Blitzle, and Gregor had cried his eyes out when he found out that Memeeber wanted to leave. Dangoober and Jamaisia had said nothing. And Memeeber herself only seemed happy to finally be on her way. She whistled and sang as they walked, and Aberdeen was starting to wonder how she could have seemed so quiet when she was with her 'family' in the camp. Now she wouldn't keep quiet. Either, she sang or whistled, or she talked his ears off. Still, she had a nice voice. He could bear listening to it for a while longer.

Memeeber said she knew where the main road through the forest lay, so they were heading north to find it and eventually Pewter City.

"And then we stumbled over this huge group of Swadloon who just didn't want us to leave! I swear, they must have been left to be alone for wayyyy too long-"

"Mem..." Aberdeen said, putting out a hand in front of the babbling girl to stop her. She looked in front of herself and gasped.

They had just walked into a rather large, flowery meadow in the midst of the forest. Quite similar to the place where Aberdeen had met Adam some day earlier. Only larger... And filled with Swadloon. At least 30 of them were there, just sitting and seemingly waiting for something. Or enjoying the sunlight, perhaps.

"This... It is the spot! The one I just told you about! Haha, isn't that crazy?" Memeeber said and ran out onto the open meadow.

"Kind of," Aberdeen admitted and followed her.

"Don't worry, Swadloon aren't usually hostile!"

Just as she had said that, Aberdeen felt something bite his foot. He shrieked and jumped up. Luckily for him, the teeth didn't quite pierce his shoes.

"What is it!" Memeeber asked worriedly from some distance.

"A... Not a Swadloon!" Aberdeen said and kept backing away since the little pokémon followed him with a peculiar face. He quickly pulled up the pokédex from his bag and read its data. "It's a Sewaddle! Never saw it on TV before... except maybe in some kids show."

"It's Swadloon's pre-evolution," Memeeber said, walking closer to him but not wanting to get too close to the little worm. Some Swadloon lazily moved away as she walked, not caring about what the humans really did.

"This little bug? They aren't very impressive pokémon, are they..."

Sewaddle didn't seem angry at that remark. It just stopped and blinked at Aberdeen, who decided to blink back. All of a sudden, his face was covered in String Shot goo.

"MMFLFJLKDFLLL!" he shouted, trying to get it off as Sewaddle just shook its little head in dismay.

Memeeber now ran up to him and helped getting that goo off. "Oh, my god, Ab! Are you alright?"

"Why does every bug pokémon know that move! I love when it's on my side, but not when THEY know it!" Aberdeen groaned and looked angrily at the little worm, who was on its way over to some wild Swadloon, possibly to socialize.

"Hey you!" Aberdeen shouted after it. "Why did you bite me? I didn't do anything!"

Sewaddle turned around and just looked at the boy again. It blinked. This time, Aberdeen didn't blink back, but dodged instead. Smart move, because now the String Shot went over his head and hit Memeeber's face instead. After a short struggle to let her breathe again, they sat down on the meadow without getting closer to Sewaddle again.

"I don't understand," Aberdeen sighed.

"Me neither. But pokémon are strange sometimes. Maybe..." Memeeber bit her lip, thinking. "Maybe this Sewaddle was together with all the others here before they evolved. And for some reason, that particular one didn't evolve. And now it doesn't want to leave so it pretends that it's no different from the others?"

Aberdeen leaned his head to the side. "That's so smart! I'd never have guessed that. You are so smart, girl."

Memeeber almost blushed. "Haha, no, I've just learned a few things about pokémon when I've been out and about!"

"Good thing you're with me, then. You can probably teach me a lot of things!"

"I'll try!"

"So, Sewaddle can't evolve, huh? Maybe all it needs is a little more training," Ab said and stood up, taking forth a pokéball.

"What, are you going to capture it?" Memeeber said, also standing up. The sunlight made her black hair glisten behind her like an aura. Again, very pretty in Aberdeen's eyes, making him smile.

"Yeah. It wouldn't be as interesting to capture a Swadloon, don't you think?"

"Aren't you going to get your old pokémon back?"

The boy hesitated for a moment. "Yes. But for that I might need to argue with people some day because I sure as hell aren't going to pay to get them back. And when arguing, it's good to have a strong team to back you up."

He walked calmly towards the little group of Swadloon where the Sewaddle sat. It noticed him early and just as calmly turned around to face him. The Swadloon seemed to notice what was about to happen, and moved away to give some space. The flowers on the meadow swayed in the slight wind.

"I challenge you to a battle, Sewaddle!" Aberdeen proclaimed. "I'll train you so that you can one day evolve like the others!"

For some reason, this seemed to make Sewaddle angry. A slight wrinkle came to its forehead.

"It's a great bargain, really! I promise you it'll happen some day."

Now a weird growling noise could also be heard from the caterpillar.

"Ab..." Memeeber said from some meters away. "I think you're somehow pissing it off."


The little bug suddenly charged forward with surprising speed to Tackle the boy. But he managed to open the pokéball in his hand in time. What Sewaddle collided with became the Heracross Horatio instead, who was a bit more compact than the human boy and therefore more than Sewaddle had counted with. It bounced against his belly and back down to the ground.

Horatio looked around; this was only the second time he was out of his pokéball since the capture. First time had been when he was just healed back at the poacher's camp. He was still unsure of being a trainer's pokémon, but he would get to battle. And he liked to battle, as long as it wasn't pointless. What would be the point of defeating this tiny bug now, hmm? He looked back at the boy behind him.

"Horatio, I want Sewaddle to join our team. We'll make it as strong as we are!" his trainer said. Fair enough. A smile came to Horatio's face, looking like a sort of mix between Pinocchio's naive smile and Bernadette's determined grin. Prepare yourself, measly bug, for the wrath of HERACROSS! No wait. THE WRATH OF HORATIO! That's right, he actually had a name now. How come he hadn't thought of that before? It was brilliant.

Sewaddle didn't seem to think he was brilliant, though. She was still standing by his feet and since he seemed to want to flex and grin rather than attack immediately, she decided to take the lead. She Bug Bit him in the foot. Horatio flew up into the air from pain, yes actually flied since he had wings. But the bite hadn't really hurt him much. Fighting types like him weren't easily hurt by measly bugs!

He bent down and smashed Sewaddle's little body with his strong Horn Attack. Or so he thought. But the bug was too quick! It had moved to the side in time and now climbed his horn, using another Bug Bite on it. It merely tickled but was still really annoying. His fine horn! How dare you, tiny, irritating bug!

"Horatio!" Aberdeen called out when he saw his new pokémon do a raged dance on the spot, swinging the little Sewaddle from his horn as he went. "What are you doing?"

"Maybe you should order him some attacks... Didn't you say he battled angrily in the wild? He maybe needs a bit more control." Memeeber had sat down in the grass some meters away. A couple of Swadloon crept up to her as if they enjoyed being near her and watch the battle with her. She giggled at their cute behavior.

Memeeber's cute giggle spurred Aberdeen on. "Yes. You're right! Horatio! Use Night Slash to get the bug off!"

Horatio fell still and tried to concentrate despite the pain trickling in his prized horn. He made his right arm glow darkly and then slashed them at the little bug, who immediately lost its bite and was thrown away. She moaned as she fell onto the ground, bruised by the dark attack.

But she got up quickly again and sprayed the dark arm of Horatio's full with String Shot so that he couldn't use it. "Just use the other arm!" Aberdeen called out. Horatio let his left arm light up with dark energy (haha, what a silly thing) instead; his aim wasn't as good as with his main hand but he managed to rush forward and hit the bug again.

Sewaddle was now bruised on both sides and seemed to be in pain from the strong attacks. But she wouldn't give up. Naturally, she String Shot his other arm as well, making him look like he was bandaged on both. Then she stormed forward in a Tackle, hitting him in the chest. Horatio stumbled backwards and gasped for air. This little creature... So unexpectedly resilient! How came?

"You don't need your Night Slash, you're a Heracross!" Aberdeen shouted and almost jumped up and down as if he wanted to fight himself. "Heracross use their HORN!"

Oh, that's right. His prized horn! Horatio grinned again. Now you'll see what I'm capable of, measly bug! He swung his large, intimidating horn at the bug, trying to hit it, smash it or fling it away. But she was too quick all the time! He just couldn't handle his horn fast enough. That was why he most often used his Night Slash instead...

Sewaddle Tackled his side and actually made him fall over; he broke the fall with the String Shot cushions that now made up his arms though. Then she rapidly climbed up on top of his chest and made it clear that she would Bug Bite his throat if he tried anything funny now.

"Stop! Wait!" Aberdeen ran up to them. "You don't need to hurt him more!"

Memeeber raised an eyebrow. Aberdeen didn't want to finish the battle? Now, a total of seven Swadloon were cuddling up to her where she sat.

The boy sat down beside the pokémon and patted Horatio on the horn. At first, the blue pokémon was embarrassed by such a gesture, but he decided to let it pass. This human wanted him to succeed and who was he to not try? He might as well let the boy do some weird things if he thought that was a good idea. Like touching someone's horn. But really, you didn't just touch someone's horn. Nu-uh.

While Horatio was having all these silly thoughts, Sewaddle and Aberdeen looked into each other's eyes. "Come with me instead!" he said. "I'll train you and evolve you!"

Again, at the mention of evolution, Sewaddle turned angry. She turned towards the boy and seemed to shower him with a flood of words that he didn't understand. She was speaking Sewaddlish, after all. But he made a sincere effort.

"You... You're saying you don't want to evolve?"

Sewaddle fell quiet. Horatio stopped his train of thoughts where he lay on the ground and looked at the worm sitting on his chest. She stared into Aberdeen's eyes. He recognized that stare well; those eyes might just as well have been Bernadette's. One bug and another... Maybe they could become friends?

"So that's it. I'm sorry, then!" he said, scratching the back of his head with an embarrassed smile. "I thought you were sad because you didn't evolve. But you're happy with being a Sewaddle, for some reason. I don't blame you! You're pretty cute, after all," he added and winked at the little pokémon.

"He actually saw that it was a girl this time?" Memeeber asked herself. The level of Swadloonness around her was approaching dangerous levels but she hadn't quite found out yet.

"So what do you say if I train you... No, we train together! You and me and Horatio. And Bernadette, you'll like her! And Pinocchio, she's almost as adorable as you are." Aberdeen put on his widest smile and stuck out a hand towards Sewaddle. He was a little afraid that she'd bite him again. But she just nudged the hand with her nose, smiling.

Aberdeen's heart melted. "So cute!" he breathed as he took up a pokéball to capture her for real. When the new teammember was safely inside a pokéball, he helped Horatio up and turned back to his human companion. But where was she? All he could see was some kind of pile consisting of numerous happy Swadloon.


"MMFLFJLKDFLLL!" a pretty voice, slightly muffled, came from within the pile. Bored and non-bitter Swadloon, the cuddliest things next to Cottonee, Swablu and Mareep. Apparently.

@ Letham
I really enjoyed that battle!

- Zeus (Blitzle) grew to lvl 14!
- Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 19!

@ me

- Horatio (Heracross) grew to lvl 10!
- Aberdeen's new Sewaddle is on lvl 9!
paired to a seeker.
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