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    This is a fanfic on my fangame, every chapter there will be new surprises! Lets get going now:

    A boy, known as Jake, lives in Champion City with his wealthy family. He has always desired to become the Pokemon Master of Aloma. He is determined to get his Starter Pokemon the next morning. As of now he wears a simple t-shirt and jeans, typical of a teenager. Jake walks out of his house, and strides across the golden city streets, to BenGames, Films, and More . That is a business that specializes in anything you can imagine. From the new iAloma device, to upgraded PokeBalls that are superior to the PokeBalls of Silph Co. Jake was about to become a Pokemon Trainer, and BenGames, Films, and More is especially known as "The trainer supermarket". It even had its own trainer's bundle for starting trainers.
    The bundle contained iAloma, Pokemon Trainers Jacket (Your choice of style and color), Five PokeBalls, a Backpack, and a PokePass (a pass where you are allowed on all types of transportation, like boats or airplanes). Jake was out to bye the Trainer's Bundle. It cost 500 PokeDollars, but he had more than enough. He purchased it at the always cheerful cashier. On his way out he ran into Ben the CEO of the company. His family has always been friends with Ben, so Jake stopped to talk. Ben was also a "richboy" and he was young for a CEO.

    "Hello Jake, setting out to be Pokemon Trainer?" Ben asked.

    "Yes, I am. Your store has been very useful", Jake says.

    Ben nodded in approval. "You know, I was a very aggressive trainer myself. Not to be offending, but you'll have to go a long way to catch me. When I came here to open the business, they asked me to be the Champion! I wish you good luck trainer"

    "I'll be back, and when I am be ready!" Jake said, than ran out excitedly.

    Things were looking up to Jake, until he heard a deathly explosion from the top floor of BenGames, Films, and More...

    How was that? More to come on Chapter 1, which I will post next! Thank you for reading!
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