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    Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest & Route 2
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    "Zovy, strike his Caterpie with Peck!"

    The swablu tweets readily, hopping across the leafy forest ground towards the bug-type as she readies her beak to pierce the bug's flesh.

    "Nuh uh! String Shot Caderpie!" Caterpie's snot-nosed (literally) trainer utters in childish confidence.

    The stream of silk fires forth from the bug's mouth, intersecting Zovy's attack. Wrapping her up in white, slimy excretions, her assault stops cold, causing her to tumble over as her weak physique finds itself unable to move. She struggles furiously on the ground, unable to upright herself.

    "Come on Zovy! Break free!" Zoey cheers on her swablu hurriedly.

    "Daahahahahah!" the short boy, her opponent, laughs in response, "You messed wid' da wron' guy! Take out dat stupid bird wid' Tackle!"

    His Caterpie hurries across the ground, leaping towards the tangled up bird before their bodies collide. The bug-type lands on the ground while sending the helpless swablu across the battlefield before rolling to a stop. Her eyes swirl nauseously as her body lies motionless, knocked out in a single blow.

    "Wha-" Zoey cuts herself off, clenching her teeth as she grimaces in anger. "Dammit!"

    "DAAAAAHaahaahahaaa!" the stuffy-nosed boy chuckles in amusement. "You lost even wid a type-disadva'tage! You're -PATHETIC-!!"

    "This kid..." she tells herself, scowling at the little boy with rage, "I'M GOING TO KICK HIS COCKY LITTLE ASS!"

    "Vuowth! Kick his ass!"

    With the click of a button, Vuowth leaps forth and immediately launches herself into full on assault, blazing towards Caterpie and the boy with a vicious Quick Attack. Her assail bowls over Caterpie, knocking him away to smack into the trunk of a tree head on, but her pursuit doesn't end there. For good measure, let's beat up the kid too. At least that's one motive both Zoey and Vuowth can agree on.

    "That crummy snot-nosed twerp..."

    "Uhm, Vuowth? I didn't tell you to..." says Zoey, watching Vuowth wallop her opponent before her trainer even had a chance to give an order.

    "Uh, yeah! Go Vuowth! Good girl!" Zoey's demeanor shifts rapidly, commending her grass-type's Pursuit of the lousy shrimp.

    "Daaaaaah!! No! Stop it!! Please!!! I'm sooorry!!" the boy screams, terrified by the grovyle chasing him through the forest merciless, swinging her arms around to use Fury Cutter.

    "Keep it up Vuowth!" Zoey chases after the two, proudly egging on her Pokemon. "Good girl!"

    "Oh, Zovy..." Zoey remarks, rubbing the head of a nestling swablu as her right hand massages the bird's pain-ridden head while nursing the Pokemon with a bottle of milk in her other hand.

    Zovy tweets softly, clumping her body against her trainer's lap as she nips the bottle of medicine and nutrition. Zoey has battled several trainers throughout the day, most all of them being bug enthusiasts which should've given her swablu an edge, but Zovy has lost every single battle. By now, her body must be sore and she's certainly fatigued from the prior battles.

    "She's still not strong enough to battle..." Zoey concludes dishearteningly, treating Zovy while taking a break from their journey through the forest atop a fallen log. "Not to mention I haven't seen her fly even once. I know she's still weak and was just born but shouldn't be able to fly? Maybe she needs to age a little."

    "Alright!" she states, standing up while holding curious Zovy in her arms.

    Zovy chirps back towards her trainer ponderously, watching Zoey deposit an empty bottle into her sack before pulling out a pokeball.

    "It's time to get going!" Zoey alerts her Pokemon, "We should be close to the forest exit by now and I understand that Route 2's northern half is just a short path into Pewter City."

    The swablu tweets, her acknowledgement as her form dissipates into her pokeball. Zoey dips her ball-clenching hand into her bag to pull out another, walking a few paces before her eyes shift upwards, catching sight of a green creature lounging around in the boughs of a tall tree.

    "Vuowth!" Zoey yells to get her grovyle's attention. "We're heading out!"

    Vuowth glances over irritably, disturbed by the interruption of her outdoors nap. Zoey recalls Vuowth into her pokeball, placing it in her bag for the journey ahead. Finally, their adventure through Viridian Forest is coming to an end. She heads out into the wild woods northward, ready to reach her first destination as a trainer. Before long, the forest's exit gates appear before her. Ahead most certainly lies the remainder of Route 2 and the city proper of Pewter City. Zoey and her crew will finally get to put this place behind them.

    The rolling green hills and fields of Route 2 span far and wide, with thicker clusters of trees to the south and the distant skyline of Pewter City in the distant valley visible to the north. Off the side of the road, Zoey stands near the bough of a tree, looking up where both Vuowth and Zovy stand, overlooking her as the sun heads low into the western sky, coloring the sky in a myriad of shades. A training session is under foot.

    "Alright Zovy!" Zoey says to her swablu reassuringly. "Rotate your wings and warm them up! Get used to the feeling of using them!"

    Chirping nervously, Zovy looks away only to be startled by Vuowth's intimidating yet jesting glare, intentionally frightening the poor chick. Sweat trickles down her brow as she commences the rotation of her fluffy bird wings. Zoey nods and smiles confidently towards Zovy, but it does little to ease the creature's tension. The warm up lasts for over a minute or so, tiring out the already feeble hatchling.

    "Good!" she compliments Zovy. "Now, rest for a bit and then we'll try to get you comfortable with flying. I'll be here to catch you so just leap towards me when you take off, okay?"

    Zovy finds little comfort in her words, chirping softly to itself out of fear. However, she takes the time to rest, gazing away from Vuowth's harassing smirk. The short rest for Zovy doesn't last though, as her training now undergoes a new, terrifying step. Literally.

    "Okay Zovy! Rotate your wings to prepare for flight and then leap off the branch towards me, but keep moving your wings to simulate flight!" she alerts Zovy, standing on the path below the tree in preparation for the exercise.

    Despite her instructions, Zovy hesitates, remaining on her branch instead. After a few moments she slowly rotates her wings, trepidation eking its way into the fearful chick's mind. However, just as she prepares to take the leap of faith, her eyes pick up on Zoey's location and immediately find their way to the ground. She squawks in terror, clutching her wings against her body as she trembles.

    "Oh no... Don't tell me..." Zoey interprets Zovy's sudden reaction. "Zovy's afraid of heights?"

    "Don't worry, Zovy!" Zoey tries to reassure her scared Pokemon, "You wont get hurt! I'll catch you!"

    Tweeting hesitantly, Zovy glances towards Zoey again, taken in by her trainer's consistently upbeat attitude. Maybe, if her trainer believes that she can do it, maybe she can? Something manages to cause the swablu to take action. Zovy begins to flap her wings rapidly but clenches her beady eyes shut as she leaps from the branch, lifting her wings up into the air.

    "No, Zovy!" Zoey shouts, correcting her bird's folly, "You can't fly with your eye's closed! You can't see where you're going! You can't stop flapping your wings either!"

    The bird's blindness and the ceasing of her wings' motion cause her to drop quickly, declining swiftly towards the ground. Standing just under the tree branch, Zoey extends her arms to catch her falling swablu.

    "See? I got you!" Zoey beams towards her frightened Pokemon.

    Zovy shifts her focus up towards her trainer hesitantly, but chirps softly, content with resting safely between Zoey's hands. However, her peace is abruptly shot to hell upon gazing upon the green visage of Vuowth, leaping down from her wooded perch to the ground, approaching the two of them.

    "Okay, Vuowth! Bring Zovy back up into the tree and let's try again!" she asks of Vuowth, who readily complies, but instead of carrying Zovy up into the tree, she tosses Zovy towards the tree branch where she's been practicing.

    "No Vuowth!" she reprimands Vuowth angrily. "Why did you toss Zovy!? This is why we stopped doing our earlier exercise! Gah... dammit!"

    Vuowth merely glances upon the results of her actions gleefully, nonetheless enjoying the abuse she's inflicted on Zovy despite her trainer's angry lectures. Zoey, meanwhile, rushes towards the tall grasses behind the tree branch, Zovy's body passing over the branch she's been using for her flight practice. However, Zoey arrives too late as the bird's disoriented body dives into the tall grasses, vanishing from sight. Her trainer penetrates the deep grasses as well, searching for her unfortunate swablu. Zovy's anxious, loud squawking draws Zoey to her location, scooping her up and rubbing Zovy's sore backside.

    "It's alright!" she comforts Zovy, "Sorry about Vuowth. I'm not sure what's gotten into her. I'll have to talk to her about that..."

    The two leave the tall grasses out onto the path leading to Pewter City, Vuowth looking at the two while leaning against the tree's trunk. Vuowth didn't seem to care what happened to her allies. After all, what good are they to her? Especially weak ones like Zovy who can't even fly despite being a flying-type. That's just pathetic.

    "Vuowth!" Zoey yells at a grovyle that could care less, storming towards her Pokemon furiously. "Why would you treat Zovy so poorly? You two are friends! Treat Zovy with some respect!"

    Vuowth looks away dismissively, uninterested in making friends with Zovy who she enjoys bullying far too much to give that up for something as counterproductive as "friendship". Zoey frowns angrily towards Vuowth, but still she shows little concern, glancing towards her trainer petulantly.

    Sighing, Zoey changes her tone, "Fine. Be that way. I'll have to train Zovy without you."

    Without another word said, Zoey withdraws Vuowth back into her pokeball. This act relieves Zovy, snuggling her fluffy down into her trainer's arms. Zoey comforts her swablu, rubbing the bird's backside to ease Zovy's anxiety. Zovy chirps jubilantly, enjoying the affection from her trainer.

    "Now," Zoey grabs the attention of curious Zovy. "Let's continue the flight training on our own, okay?"

    Zovy's peace is shattered, squawking loudly over the upsetting news.

    "Oh, don't worry! You won't have to leap from a tall branch!" she reassures her distressed Pokemon with a smile. "We'll head over into the grass and you can practice taking off from my own arms. It'll be safe!"

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