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Ok, so the teams are all Filled :D As of now, each memmber has to sned me a PM (It can be here or on the Battle Server) on who you want the leader to be. I know it says discuss up there, but due to timezones I changed it. Anyways, you guys have until February 12 to vote for the leader. People who send me PMs after that day will not count. ~

Ok, so Leaders will be the ones to make the decisions for the teams when necessary. (They don't decide which member will be kicked out though) The Point of this Tourney is to make the most Points. Not to have the most amount of Team members. The Team Leaders will earn more points for the team in each win than a regular member so choose a good battler.

Point System:
Leader - 3 Points Per Win ; 2 Points Per Loss
Regular Members - 1 Point per win ; .5 Points per Loss

You can't vote for the leader to be removed if your team didn't win the round. (To win a round your team must have the most points) So you better choose a good battler for your team.

~If any of your team members quit, it's up to you to find a replacement. Your team will only be given 3 Days to find a replacement. By "you" I mean the leaders.

Ok, since you guys were making my life difficult cause I don't think anyone was gonna have more than 2 votes, I used RNG. So here are the Leaders:

- Shiny Servine
- Hyperbeem
- Wolflare

Vaporeon7 vs LMFAO. Word Up.
Gym Leader Jake vs Wolflare
P-Sign vs King_nick72
Daydreamsaway vs ChocolateCrunch
Cid vs BLOOD-La-Ti
eric2453 vs Glitchguy
Tackle vs Wind Heart Rainbow Arcanine
HnSn vs. Hyperbeem
Shiny Servine vs tente2