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    She awoke slowly, still feeling the breeze in her hair. Boy, could this guy fly for ages, huh? She laughed a little to herself, tickling the top of Edmund’s head. Thankfully the rabbit slept on, apparently having worn himself out. Zoran grinned, twisting herself slowly so she wasn’t facing the ground. It was a good thing he was out right now. She really didn’t think this would be a good idea. Of course, that was why she was trying it.

    Her head was pounding a little and a gust of hot breath whooshed over her head. The Charizard’s breath was really strong. How would you fare against Carrie, lizard-boy? More importantly, She giggled softly. How will you fare against this?

    Closing her eyes, she thought back. She thought of a darkness, cold like space. She tried to recall being still and broken. In her mind, the voices picked up. They weren’t murmuring placidly anymore. However, there was a loud giggling, high-pitched and playfully aware.

    “Let’s go, let’s go!” she sang out. Making sure Edmund was firmly laying against her chest, Zoran placed her hands on Vlad’s large and muscular chest. The hands began to flicker violet and glow, a blue tinge at the edges of her fingertips. It wasn’t just going to hurt. Blood was going to chill; it might make it very hard to fly. She didn’t know, considering she had only used this on humans.

    “Drop me!” she called cheerfully. “Or we all fall! Go on, drop me!”
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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