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Thanks for all the feedback guys. It's all really motivating.

@nuzamaki90: Not sure what that is. Make sure you have the _data folder and the actual .exe in the same directory, though.

Edit: And in terms of the models, I'm just making them as I go. I've got a few friends helping me out but we'll probably just make them as I progress through the routes. Safe to say, don't expect a Dragonite just yet =P.

@DaSpirit: Definitely going to fix those up. Didn't notice them until you brought them up, so thanks. I'm trying a bunch of different solutions for the camera as I've gotten many similar suggestions. I think your top-down approach might do the trick, but I'll have to keep testing things out until it's 100%.

@carmaniac: Yeah it's a bit intense when used in conjunction with the bloom, so I'll bring it down a notch or two. Thanks for the comments on the graphics though. Nice to know my time was well spent XD.