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    What are you doing here?

    I'm gonna hack in something for my Poison challenge. What it is, I haven't decided yet.

    Since it's been awhile since I posted something (been busy with my Youtube channel), and since it's late and I'm going to bed in a few, I thought I'd bring this up.

    To NecrumWarrior:
    I have been doing an Ultimate Poison challenge for at least a month. (and an Electric challenge for about a week) Every time I come to this forum thread, I look at your list of Ultimate Challengers, and not once have I seen my name. I know it says not to ask about this unless over an outrageous amount of time has passed, but since you update weekly, I figured a month was too much. I'm not mad about the Electric challenge, since I've only been doing it for a few days to a week, but a month's wait for the Poison challenge seems too much.

    Could you please put my name on the Ultimate Challengers' list for Poison and Electric? I'm not angry, I'm just making sure you're not ignoring my semi-constant updates.


    EDIT: For my Poison challenge I hacked in a Gulpin, named Grimy Muck.