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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
I don't think I can see this happening. The starters are meant to be seen as a rare group of Pokémon only given to you by the region's professor to initiate your journey or as a gift. To give the starters a place of habitat in a region foreign from where they are considered the starting Pokémon in another region doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. While I'd love to find and catch them out in the wild, I don't see it happening given their unique status in the games.
Alright, I can agree with that. I didn't have probability in mind, I was just expressing my desire to be able to catch them in the wild. I think it would be exciting to be able to finally get them without having to link trade or import them from earlier generations, unless the same tactic used in HG/SS of obtaining them is implemented again; that method was sort of lame however.
Honestly I think Skitty is very French-esque and I hope it gets a special place in X/Y since its been one of my favorite pokes since Gen III first came out. <3
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