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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
I think "bad" games being not all that bad would qualify as being "okay"; after all, every game is susceptible to being just "okay", no matter how prominent they are.

...But I'd definitely say that '06 was bad.
But then added with with the other Sonic games in the generation it still adds up to a great set of games. Nonetheless, I was just stating that the games you mentioned in Sonic "bad" were actually not bad...but I wouldn't rank them with other games that are susceptible to be "okay". They are better than that. After all, we all have our own opinion on games, and this is mine.

I haven't actually seen this question proposed or answered much; but who is your favorite Sonic character? I'd have to go with Knuckles. He is just amazing, and came in very handy running the 400m in M&S @ The Olympic Games.