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    Plugging along with my Sapphire. No casualties yet.

    After beating Roxanne, we made our way back toward Oldale Town and Sylvia the Zigzagoon used Cut to open up the alternate paths along the way. Then we went back to Rustboro, healed up at the Pokemon Center, and went north to see what was happening with the Devon guy. Agreed to help him get his Goods back, then went out onto Route 116. Caught a Nincada in the grass and named him John (and he, and everything since, went straight to the PC), then fought the trainers and made our way to Rusturf Tunnel. Caught a Whismur and named him Lemmy, then challenged and beat the grunt and rescued Peeko and took back the Goods. Poked around the tunnel a bit (and discovered that Vanessa's Trace is really handy with the Whismur, since she traces their Soundproof, then Uproar doesn't do anything). Went back out, gave the Goods back, talked to Mr. Stone, then set out for Mr. Briney's cottage. Interrupted him and Peeko and got him to sail us to Dewford.

    Talked to everyone, got the Old Rod and caught a Magikarp and named her Daisy Mae. Went into the cave and caught a Zubat and named her Nan. Ground in the cave for a while and got Vanessa and Irv (who had recently evolved to a Dustox) up to level 14, then went in and challenged Brawly's gym, and plowed through it pretty easily. Freshly equipped with Flash on Vanessa, we went back to the cave and down and around. Caught a Sableye and named her Delia. Talked to Steven, then ground for a while in the caves and got everyone up to match Vanessa and Irv at lvl 14. Then it was off to Slateport.

    Made our way through the trainers on the beach (I knew in advance to switch in Clyde on Tuber Ricky's Zigzagoon, so its Surf didn't do much at all). Ran around and talked to everyone and got everything squared away, and we're currently grinding on Route 110, underneath Cycling Road, where I caught a Gulpin and named him George.


    Hazel the Mudkip lvl 15
    Clyde the Shroomish lvl 15
    Brenda the Poochyena lvl 15
    Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 16
    Irv the Dustox lvl 16
    Vanessa the Ralts lvl 16

    *edit for an update*

    Well, I just had my first casualty - Brenda the Mightyena went down to a High Jump Kick from Grandma Winstrate's Meditite.

    My own damned fault, sort of. Obviously a Dark against a Fighting attack is stupid - I just didn't expect it to have a fighting attack at all, much less HJK. I had Vanessa the newly-evolved Kirlia in the lead and she was at a bit less than half HP and I just didn't want to risk her. My first choice was Irv the Dustox, but he was only at about 1/3. I debated switching him in anyway and just taking the first turn to heal, but then I thought, "you know... it's a low level Meditite and the odds are that all it's got yet is Confusion anyway, so Brenda would be best," and she had full HP too, so I went with her. On the first turn, it Meditated and she hit with a Bite for a bit less than half of its HP (neutral damage, since the Fighting resistance counters the Psychic weakness). And on the second turn it hit with that HJK, and that was that.

    Before that, after grinding a bit at the bottom of Route 110, we went up to the Trick House - easily one of my favorite parts of RSE. Made our way through the tree maze and collected a Rare Candy. Then we went back out and, after healing, made our way up through Route 110, fighting the trainers and random wild stuff in the grass. Ran into May and had a pretty tough fight with her, but we all came through okay. Got the Itemfinder from her and immediately put it to use. Made it the rest of the way through the Route and into Mauville. Went around and talked to everyone, but didn't go out any of the routes. When I got the bike (Mach), we went back down Cycling Road, fighting the trainers along the way. Stopped in the Mart long enough to buy a Harbor Mail, then found Mr. Briney and sailed back to Dewford, because I remembered that soft slope in the cave there. Went through the cave, up the slope, then (eventually) negotiated the crumbling floor and collected the prize (PP Up? I don't even remember now), then went back to Mr. Briney and sailed back to Rustboro. Went in to the Devon office to report to Mr. Stone and got an Exp. Share for our trouble. Then it was back to Slateport and back up the Cycling Road. Gave the Harbor Mail to the woman in Mauville and got the Coin Case, then went out onto the routes around Mauville. Fought all the trainers down by the water to the east, then worked slowly (running back to Mauville to heal as necessary) through the trainers on Route 113. And caught a Marill in the grass there and named her Bella. Made it into Verdanturf Town and talked to Wally and his family, then went back to Mauville and up Route 111, where we encountered the Winstrate family and.... yeah.

    So I released Brenda and moved up the first one in the box, so the next in the order I caught them - John the Nincada. Good thing I went back to Rustboro long enough to talk to Mr. Stone and get that Exp. Share, since John is level 6 right at the moment.


    Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 21
    Vanessa the Kirlia lvl 20
    Clyde the Shroomish lvl 20
    Irv the Dustox lvl 19
    Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 19
    John the Nincada lvl 6


    Brenda the Mightyena lvl 19