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    I decided to do a randomized nuzlocke run of Pokemon Crystal version a while back and thought that it would fun to write about it. Going to rate this "T" to be safe.

    • Edmund Grant thought that he was ready to go on his very own pokémon adventure. Get his pokémon, a cyndaquil, and buy some supplies, potions and pokéballs. Then off he'd go on his journey, catching pidgey and hoppip on his way to the first gym. Little does he know of the weirdness that is waiting for him once he steps out his front door. A Randomized Crystal Nuzlocke.
    • Fainting equals death, a fainted pokemon must be boxed permanently
    • Once pokeballs are aquired only the first pokemon encountered on a route may be caught
    • Shiny pokmeon and the roaming legendary dogs are exempt from the above rule
    • All pokemon must be nicknamed

    Table of Contents:
    1. Prologue
    2. Chapter 1
    3. Chapter 2


    It was late and he was tired. Staring at the mess of work laying there in front of him the teenager felt the need to just to burn it all. Just burn the papers stacked there on the table. More of the cursed things could be printed out so it wouldn't be much of a loss. Pausing for a second to decide whether or not to burn the annoying things he yawned and rubbed at his aching eyes. The bright desk lamp wasn't really helping anything; he just wanted this over with so he could get to sleep. Burning it would certainly solve one of his problems as with no papers to fill out he could climb into his comfy bed and fall asleep. Then again he was already done with the proof of identification section and a couple of pages into the main application; there was no need for him to fill it out again. Ignoring his impulses he continued to read and fill out the form in the appropriate places, scribbling in gender – male, eye color – blue, age – 14, and the like.

    He wondered just why all this information was needed in the first place. Couldn't he just grab a pokémon and be done with it? That would be so much easier than filling in this crap in. Yeah that would be the best he thought. No worries, just walking in grabbing a pokémon and being handed his trainer card. He would have been able to start his journey weeks ago. The loud call of a hoothoot brought him back into focus, he needed finish this tonight. Yawning he turned his attention back to the application that he probably should have filled out ages ago.

    The next section he already knew, it was filled with common knowledge. You should try not to kill your opponent's pokémon during a battle, that you have to pay taxes to the League on any winnings received from a pokémon battle, and that you were not allowed to have more than six pokémon on your person at any time. Some of the stuff he read he wondered why it was even writing there, like the page and a half that was spent explaining in almost technical detail why you are not able and not supposed to catch another trainer's pokémon. There also was a brief paragraph explaining that if you were going to compete competitively that the use of drugs was recently banned and punishable by expulsion from the tournament and a fine. Like he could afford any of that stuff, let alone find people willing to sell it to him. Letting out another yawn he read two more pages of the useless information before finally finishing the section. Signing on the line provided he continued on.

    Pokémon Conservation: Respecting the Environment was written in bold letters at the top of the next page. Skimming through text it showed the outline of the semi-new laws and limits in regards to dealing with wild pokémon. Gone were the days you could slaughter a colony of rattata in the name of training like his uncle had told him in stories of his own days a trainer. Now trainers were expected to call off their own pokémon when the wild ones were knocked out or in no condition to fight. A scowl appeared on his face as he read the next part. Even the amount of pokémon you could catch in a given area was limited to one, apparently with the hopes of preventing the driving of another species to near extinction. He played with the idea of just ignoring the limits, but it was shot down very quickly when he got to the part outlining the possible punishments for not following the rules. The consequences of breaking those laws were harsher than any other ones he had seen in the packet with heavy fines and jail time possible. And the fact that repeat offenders could have all their pokémon stripped from them and their trainer's license revoked just sealed the deal for him. Oh well he thought, that would just allow me to save money on purchasing pokéballs. With the quick scrawl of his pen the dotted line was signed Edmund Grant and he turned his attention to the next twenty pages of the application.

    Three pages later his brain was overloaded, he felt as if would die if he had to read another sentence. He just wanted to stop and sleep, but he knew that he would never finish filling it out if he didn't do it now. Ignoring his brain telling him that it was a bad idea he just went through the application signing everything he could find. I can deal with the consequences later he thought, not caring about anything else in the packet. Sighing, he dropped his pen on the desk and leaned back to stretch. Glancing over at the packet one last time he smiled slightly, a feeling of triumph going through him. He had done it. He had finally filled out the application that had been sitting on top of his desk for weeks, with a day to spare before the official new trainer sign-up window would close. His trainer's license application was filled out and tomorrow he could go and turn it into the professor. He could finally get his own pokémon and go on an adventure!

    Climbing into bed, his mind was still turning. He still hadn't decided what starter he wanted, only knowing that he did not want anything to do with the chikorita. Who in their right mind would want a cute little grass pokémon like that and even its evolution did nothing to change it, with it having a giant flower around its neck in its final form. That left him just two options, totodile and cyndaquil. It was a hard choice he thought; both cyndaquil and totodile were cool in their own ways. Thinking about it totodile was an awesome looking reptile with sharp teeth, but how could he pass up on a fire type? Fire types were the best because they had the ability to conjure flames. Yeah, he thought, a cyndaquil is the perfect pokémon for me. He drifted off to sleep with a small smile on his face certain he would be gone the next the day, traveling with his cyndaquil.

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