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Now, there may be a general thread for showing your Pokemon merchandise collections over in Pokemon General (right here), but this thread is for going into more detail with your Pokemon TCG collection, showing off your rarest rares or maybe just the size of your collection!

1. Follow all PokeCommunity rules. This thread is an exception to the no-revival rule, however.

2. Double posting is allowed. In fact, to reduce the strain this page will inflict on lower-bandwidth users, I encourage double posting if you have got more than 3 pictures you'd like to post in a single go!

3. Please use spoiler tags to hide your images so people who browse on slower connections do not have the page jumping around on them as pictures finish loading.

4. Newer finds are encouraged to go to the "Booster Pack/Look What I Just Got!" Thread, though they are welcome here.


I'll open things off with one of my favorite cards in my collection, Vending Machine Mewtwo:


I got this off of eBay a couple years ago for just $5. It is my only card from the Vending Machine series.

That's all I've got for pictures for right now.
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