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    now, to the real matter c:

    I'm sorry Khawill but... I think the Youkai's are balanced pretty well. Hmmm... i'll have to change Mermaids and Lamia a little though ;; but futher I don't think there are more over-powered Youkai. I'm very sorry you feel that way, but I can't really change much because other RPers might not agree with the idea of their Youkai's becoming even more weaker. The Youkai have just as much weaknesses as power, and I have someone who agrees to this.

    It's the RPer who make them SEEM stronger, it doesn't mean they really are. Everyone is equal afterall.

    But, I do agree with the Lamia fact and the mermaid matter.

    Mermaids don't really have a weakness and i'll change that right now. As for Lamia's, from now on their weakness is also Fire (My apologies Genevieve)
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