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    As Kawaii Pikachu :3 said, I'm sure this one would be a better evolution of a normal type. But in a unique gender as female being!
    But I'm wondering about something. As the second generation came out, I think it is a good time to make a new type in the 6th generation!
    A question came out, how a normal type can have these kind of colors? I'm pretty sure a new thingy type will comes. It sounds amazing!

    What do you think of Eevee as a starter?

    I would love to see that one day. But it will never happens :c
    Commercially speaking of course.
    But it is really not bad for the player to start with a starter which I must admit is weak. To more easily discover the world of Pokemon who becomes more complex!
    And ultimately learn that little gem can evolve in different ways, the type you want, and the role you want! it would be really great seriously.