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I recently just started building with the gatecrash cards and some of them work pretty damn well with the older guild orientated cards. I just started building a House Dimir deck and the new Cipher effect goes really well with some of the old Ravnica sets dimir unblockables, like Dimir Infiltrator and Dimir House Guard (which has Fear which pretty much unblockable anyway).


Gutter Skulk x1
Dimir House Guard x1
Wight of Precinct Six x2
Horror of the Dim x1
Mortus Strider x1
Szadek, Lord of Secrets x1
Belltower Sphinx x3
Dinrova Horror x1
Jace's Phantasm x1
Dimir Infiltrator x1
Sage's Row Denizen x1
Balustrade Spy x2
Invisible Stalker x1
Deathcult Rogue x1
Duskmantle Guildmage x1
Dimir Guildmage x1
Keymaster Rogue x1
Fog Bank x1
Consuming Aberration x1

Whispering Madness x1
Paranoid Delusions x1
Midnight Recovery x1
Coerced Confession x1
Shadow Slice x1
Last Thoughts x1

Grisly Spectacle x2
Totally Lost x1

Dream Leash x1
Death's Approach x1

Dimir Keyrune x2
Dimir Signet x1

Swamp x9
Island x10
Dimir Guildgate x1
Dimir Aqueduct x2
Duskmantle, House of Shadow x2

It's not my best deck by far but it's so much fun when I get Consuming Aberration or Szadek on the field to play with.

I'd probably say that my best deck is my vampire deck. It was my first deck and it just kept getting better and better. I'm about three or four cards off from it being perfect, but unforunatly those cards cost about £5-£10 each and screw paying that much when my deck already kicks butt.

Butcher of Malakir x1
Olivia Voldaren x1 (The whole reason this deck exists <3)
Havengul Vampire x2
Erdwal Ripper x1
Bloodrite Invoker x1
Stromkirk Patrol x1
Bloodhunter Bat x1
Falkenrath Aristocrat x1
Falkenrath Exterminator x2
Sengir Vampire x1
Fiend of the Shadows x1
Vampire Nighthawk x3
Heirs of Stromkirk x1
Falkenrath Nobel x1
Stromkirk Captain x1
Markov Patrician x1
Rakis Heir x1
Quag Vampires x1
Nearheath Stalker x1
Vampire Outcasts x1

Assassinate x1

Vampiric Fury x1
Victim of Night x1
Murder x1

Mark of the Vampire x1
Deviant Glee x1
Exquisite Blood x1

Rakdos Keyrune x2
Ring of Xathrid x1

Sorin Markov x1

Swamp x14
Mountain x10
Rakdos Guildgate x1

I'm only really missing a bloodline keeper and a few other cards that give other vampires +1/+1 but apart from that this is my perfect deck <3